Residence Life to Require Triple Rooms for Freshman

Jackie Turnover, Happy to have a single room

Incoming freshman students living in McHale Hall will now be required to have two roommates instead of one.

Director of Residence Life Gelian Hammond said the decision was made quickly due to the increasing size of the freshman class, which he described as unprecedented.

“We, as a university, have never faced a class size so big. We are trying to figure out how to accommodate everyone and this is the best we’ve got for now,” he said.

Beds will now be bunked and, because no changes to room sizes will be made over the summer to accommodate the increase in students per room, there will only be one desk in each room. Room costs will remain the same, however, around $7,000 per year per student.

Incoming freshman Jack Declan, a DPT major, is not pleased.

“I think it’s crazy to expect students to pay the regular amount of room and board and have that many people in one room; it’s too cramped,” he said.

Residence Life assures students everything is being done to fit all new students comfortably.

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“We are exploring options to increase bed sizes and maybe even turn the study rooms into dorm rooms, as well. We are in the process of viewing blueprints of the residence hall and speaking to facilities,” Hammond explained.

At the current size and capacity, students will have to wait hours to shower; however, Hammond  thinks it’s a small sacrifice to make for an indefinite change.

“We should be focusing on the positive side, at least they have a place to stay,” he said.

Updates on McHale will be available on MyMu and via email for affected students.

Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact the Residence Life office.