Bloomberg to Build Helipad on Campus


Bloomberg’s helicopter landed outside of the future site of the new helipad. He approved the plans to knock down Mercy Hall for the helipad, which will allow students easier access to traveling. Photos from Google Images

Rose Bloomberg, Mike Bloomberg's Illegitimate Daughter

The campus is still buzzing about former Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg taking over Thomas Botzman’s role as president of Misericordia University. There is, however, more interest in Bloomberg’s big plan to demolish the Mercy building to make way for the building of a helipad that will serve the school’s new helicopter.

The helicopter will offer free rides for students from the Wilkes-Barre Walmart parking lot to the helipad where the Mercy building currently stands. Bloomberg said the helicopter and helipad will both be paid for with his own money.

“I want this to be a representation of what this school can be and a show of my loyalty to this school,” he said.

Bloomberg seemed very excited when asked about the new helipad.

“I know losing the Mercy building is huge, but this helicopter will help to get the students up to the school who might have trouble driving,” he said.

There will be no limit on rides for students. Bloomberg also said the parking lot near Mercy will be extended so more students who drive to campus will have somewhere to park their vehicles.

He said faculty members losing offices will be offered new ones in the new science building.

“I also want to point out that each of our faculty here at Misericordia who will lose their offices located in Mercy will be given brand new offices in the new science building that will be finished soon,” Bloomberg said.

The demolishing of the Mercy building is set to begin once the new science building is completed.

Each faculty member will be assigned a new office after the finishing touches are put on the building.

Some students have mixed feelings about having a helicopter on campus.

Graduate student Kevin McCalister doesn’t think a helicopter and helipad are necessary.

“I think that’s stupid, actually, and I don’t see the point in it, especially since those teachers all lose their offices, too,” McCalister said.

Other students, however, like Kelly Wilkinson, a senior sonography major, are excited for the school’s new helicopter.

“I’ve actually never been in a helicopter and it will definitely help me save on gas and mileage on my car,” she said.

She added how excited she is and how she is already preparing to be one of the first students to fly in the helicopter.

In celebration of this addition to the school, Bloomberg will join the first group of students on the flights to and from the school at 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. so he can experience the feeling the students will enjoy.

“I wanted to join the students on their rides because I not only want the kids to have a safe flight, I also want to experience what they will be experiencing,” Bloomberg said.

One thing about the new helicopter is certain. Students who don’t like flying will find plenty of parking spots at the current site of the Mercy building.