Science Center To Be Under Construction Till 2033

Misericordia University has made plans to continue building onto the brand-new science center building on campus and has hired a world-famous construction company for the job.

The plan is to work on different projects to make the building monumental around the world with work set to begin immediately and continue through the end of 2033.

The plan is to construct several add-ons to the building, including a swimming pool on the rooftop with three diving boards at different heights, an amusement park in the basement, including a zoo, and an aquarium with the most exotic animals and plants on the planet.

Known as Davis & Cottle, the company has not done many projects like this but is excited for the opportunity.

One of the company’s longest tenured and best workers John Beeker, known as John B, stated, “We’re excited to get this project going. All the additions to this building that we are constructing are going to make Misericordia University and its science building one of the most spectacular attractions in the world!”

Future students at Misericordia will have the opportunity of a lifetime and this project will be beneficial to the university’s admissions process, knowing many people will love the chance to witness this and see how it improves in the future. Misericordia will raise tuition and also add a few fees because of these additions.

Misericordia student Albert Einstein was asked what he thought about the additions and stated, “This is tremendous; this will be great for campus life and many students and faculty can conduct several different studies and projects on campus because of this.”

William Nye, another student, stated, “I’m jealous. All the students in the future get to witness this awesome addition to campus while living on campus and the students now just get to deal with all the construction and traffic because of the long process it will take to build. Misericordia should have thought of doing this years ago!”

The Misericordia administration and its board of trustees understands that, with the swimming pool, the university will be able to hold swim meets, swimming and floating science projects, and even open swim for students and faculty on campus, people around the community, and visitors from around the world.

The amusement park to be constructed deep into the basement will be science-themed and will include rides and rollercoasters, carnival games, and vendors selling food and clothing.

The zoo will include exotic animals from around the world, including those from Africa, India, South America, Asia, Australia and Costa Rica, offering students, faculty and visitors the chance to witness some of the most amazing animals from around the globe. Misericordia plans to conduct experiments and research with these animals.

Davis & Cottle will work on a 10-year deal but will try its best to complete the project as early as possible. They will work non-stop with workers on campus 24 hours around the clock.

The company believes the toughest part will be getting animals shipped from several countries and placing them safely. Misericordia is also focused on making sure the environments will be safe for these animals and plants and will have professionals to keep everything in check.

Professionals will not only ensure the safety of the animals and plants but also of students, faculty and visitors – in case anything gets out of hand.

“We have all the tools to make this thing a success,” said Charles Darwin, project manager. “Safety is our number one priority. There will be no worries.”