Letter From The Editor

Isaac Glidewell, Editor-in-chief

You’ve probably figured out by now this is the April fool’s issue of The Highlander! If not, now you know. The history behind the idea is why we call this issue “The Hamiltonian.”

When Melissas Dr. Sgroi, one of our Mass Communications professors, started at Misericordia, an English Professor named Dr. (first name) Hamilton started here the same year. The Highlander had published an April Fool’s issue in the past, but it was up for debate whether it should be continued. Dr. Hamilton (along with others) argued with Dr. Sgroi for keeping the issue.  Dr. Sgroi agreed – on onecondition. The long-loved April Fool’s issue would be called “The Hamiltonian.”

The April Fool’s edition has been loved by many and we have no intention of changing either the content or the name! I couldn’t imagine a spring semester without our beloved “Hamiltonian.”

Thanks for reading!

-Isaac Glidewell