Welcome Week a Success

Iana Davis, Reporter

A first time special event has students ready to call this place home.

Welcome Week, an eight day event filled with activities to help first year students become more familiar with campus was held for the first time, and students say they approve.

The university introduced students to some low budget, yet fairly popular activities throughout the week such as “Midnight Dodge Ball, Res Life Night life, an ice cream truck, and Cash Cab” said second year Residential Director Brandon Winslow.

Students were able to familiarize themselves with campus while they got the chance to interact with other students.

“At first, I was uncomfortable with the salsa dancing activity, and I was nervous about it, but then it was really fun,’’ first year nursing major Mallory Foster said.

Multiple departments worked to make Welcome Week one to remember.

“It was exciting to see what we could do all together and at such a low expense,” Winslow said.

Major events at the university take loads of commitment and hard work, but faculty and residential support made this event one for the books, Winslow said.

Winslow is proud of the turnout, but success was not easy.

“It was not so much frustrating, but it was time consuming. Many meetings and long hours went into planning,” Winslow said.

He said getting students involved with planning during the summer was one of the most challenging parts of the work.

“Students can get involved more and help plan for the next one,” Winslow said.

Students expected the week to filled with ice breakers and other common activities, but when time came to participate, the students had no idea what they were getting into.

“I mostly expected ice breakers and nothing more, but it turned out to be nothing like I thought it would be,” Foster said.

Students enjoyed both day and night time  activities.

“I really liked the guy who painted and all the games and activities during the day,” said Foster.

While Welcome Week was intended for first years, the event was open to all.

Sabrina DiTucci, senior pre-DPT business administration and sports management major, said Welcome Week sparked social life.

“Welcome Week was done at a time where we are not really doing much except for syllabus or reading, so the students where really able to get out and meet people,” DiTucci said.

That was a big improvement, she said.

“When I first came to campus, we had the four-day orientation and right after that we were thrown right into the real world. It felt like spending those four days of interaction with people was enough, and so my experience was not as easy as it is now.”

DiTucci stressed the importance of integrating newer students with the entire student body.

“The walk and the Map Out My Courses events were really helpful events to have for the students, being able to show them their classes and not have them wandering around looking for them like I did was helpful,” DiTucci said.

She said newbie students now know that help is available everywhere the look.

“If you ever need help with something, I am always around. Do not panic and keep calm because there are so many other people like you and others who are willing to help you as well.”