Here’s How Seniors are Managing The Year and Semester

Seniors Karri Baker and Jillian Rogers say their favorite memory of Misericordia was meeting their closest friends.

Alyssa Stegura, Reporter

The final semester of college is quickly approaching for members of Misericordia University Class of 2022 and that brings both excitement and fear.

As the fall semester ends, seniors are looking to the horizon for the final countdown of college as the spring semester will be the final semester for many.

Students are excited for their journey ahead but, with that excitement, comes fear and sadness for a journey into the unknown. Leaving a place they have called home for the past four years will be a huge adjustment for many seniors.

“I feel an array of excitement and sadness. I’m excited to graduate and get a nursing job, but sad to end this excellent chapter in my life,” said senior Nursing major Larry Michalski.

Senior Mass Communications and Design major Jess Oltman stated her excitement to graduate and for her life outside of school. She also stated what she will miss most after graduation.

“I know I’m going to miss being able to see my friends all the time,” she said.

Senior Nursing major Danielle Chee stated, “It’s hard to believe it’s almost graduation but I’m excited for what’s to come.”

When looking forward to their final semester, many seniors are remembering their most impactful class on campus.

“My Intro to Journalism class and internship helped impact me for my career and what to expect for job opportunities,” said senior Mass Communications and Design major Mitchell Hall.

Oltman’s most impactful class was thanks to freshman year Dr. George Shea IV’s writing seminar class.

“That class really warmed me up to the university as a whole and made me explore different avenues academically that I hadn’t before,” said Oltman.

Michalski stated pharmacology was extremely impactful for his future career as a nurse.

“It gives me a strong understanding of medicine and its treatment applications as a nurse,” he said.

The memories and connections with peers have these seniors reminiscing about the Misericordia memories they will remember not only this final semester but all of their life.

“My favorite memory was orientation,” said senior Psychology/Pre-DPT major Jillian Rogers. “I met my very best friends and felt like Misericordia was the right place.”

Senior Early Childhood Education major Madison Klopp stated her favorite memory was spending time in various clubs and building a better campus for all.

“My favorite memory is creating an inclusive community that supports individuals with learning disabilities on campus and dedicating my time and energy to Best Buddies,” she said, adding she can’t wait to watch the Best Buddies Club blossom after she graduates.

Senior Psychology major Karri Baker stated that meeting new friends that have had a huge impact in her life is her favorite memory ever.

Senior Mass Communications and Design major Bethany Jopling said the memory that will forever stay with her was meeting friends who help her creativity flow for video production.

“The best time was working on a big video project outside of class just for fun with my friends,” she said.

Although there are many exciting memories and feelings as these seniors prepare for their last semester, the worry of the unknown as they head into the real world is on their minds.

“What scares me is having regrets and not taking advantage of every opportunity Misericordia has offered me during my time,” said Michalski.

Other students fear not so much missing opportunities but not knowing what is next and having to step out of their comfort zone.

“Leaving the safety of the school to go into the real world which I’m unfamiliar with and what that’ll have in store excites but truly terrifies me,” said Hall.

Rogers worries about the world ahead of her after this semester, but also about not falling while walking to receive her diploma.

“I am worried to graduate but am ready for the challenge,” she said.

Senior Business Administration major Rayna Swida is excited to graduate and get a job in her field of study, but is having fears going into this semester and graduation.

“I am scared to graduate and be on my own but am super excited to be given many more opportunities post-graduation,” she said.

In looking to this final countdown and their final semester, many seniors stated how much this semester will mean for them, especially since COVID impacted their schooling.

“This last semester means a lot in making the most of what I have left,” said Oltman. “We had a lot taken away due to COVID so I’m glad we get a semi normal college experience and look forward to making the most of it.”

Other students feel the spring semester is going to be a sentimental one.

“It means everything because I’m saying goodbye to this university and preparing for my life in the real world,” said Hall.

Some students are setting goals for themselves and enjoying every moment of their final semester.

“I want to do the very best in each class this next semester but also take time to enjoy all things Misericordia has allowed me to,” said Chee. “I plan to work as a labor and delivery nurse and get my master’s and doctoral degree.”

Michalski has plans to work as a nurse in the Lehigh Valley area and to join the Pennsylvania National Guard Army Nursing Corp.

Baker plans to work at a treatment center for those with drug and alcohol addictions while Klopp hopes to have her own kindergarten or first grade classroom.