Moved! Student Government and Highlander Offices Relocated


Alyssa Stegura, Reporter

The offices of Student Government and The Highlander newspaper have moved locations to ensure continued success.

This movement of two crucial pieces to Misericordia University came after a strategy meeting between Amy Lahart, Vice President of Student Life and Mission Integration, and AJ Nudo, Integration of Mission and Student Life, where the two discussed expansion of these two specific areas of campus and growth for both organizations.

The Student Government office is now located in the Banks Student Center across from Starbucks, just around the corner from its previous office.

“This move allows for more space than before and windows to see outside and into the lobby area so they can be seen,” Darcy Brodmerkel, Director of New Student and Family Programs, said of Student Government personnel.

The Highlander office has moved to Insalaco Hall near the ramp.

“(This office) provides them with quality space anchored in the College of Business,” said Paul Nardone, Interim Dean of College of Business.

Faculty members and students voiced their reactions and hopes for success for both organizations.

“We see this move continuing to allow each organization to do excellent work while also providing appropriate physical locations to enhance their function and impact,” said Lahart and Nardone.

Students like Senior Psychology/Pre-DPT major Jillian Rogers said the news of the move surprised her and, as a member of Student Government, she found it crucial to know where they moved.

Students like Senior Mass Communications and Design major Mitchell Hall learned of the move just the other day.

“I was completely shocked to hear the sudden moving of the Student Government and Highlander offices,” said Hall.

Brodmerkel said there have been numerous changes taking place at Misericordia, especially with Student Life, and she feels these changes will help get students more involved.

“Change can be very difficult and I honestly don’t do well with it, but it is for the good of the students so I can accept it,” said Brodmerkel.

Students like Bethany Jopling, Senior Mass Communications and Design major, stated that change is scary but, hopefully, the move will bring students to join these organizations.

“Change is difficult, but we are confident these moves will significantly enhance their work. Colleges and universities, like all organizations, must address the need for change while keeping our students central to our decisions,” said Lahart and Nardone.

Many are hoping this change will be beneficial to both organizations.

“This new location, being more central of a location, will help students recognize these offices and want to get involved,” said Rogers.

Students like Hall are eager to see this change expand The Highlander and provide many students with the opportunity to use their talents in this larger space.

“The newspaper’s bigger office will offer more space for many students to get more involved,” he said.

Jopling said these moves will help the organizations be more recognized and, hopefully, allow more students to get involved.

The goal of these organizations is to be the voice for the student body and help in any way possible.

“My hope is that students will take advantage of these new spaces and stop in to talk to Student Government about any issues or concerns they have,” said Brodmerkel.

“As with all student organizations, we are hopeful and confident the organizations will continue to produce excellent work that benefits the entire Misericordia University community,” Lahart and Nardone added.

“Providing students with a full team of mission and student life professionals to mentor, guide, and empower their work for their fellow students is the exciting enhancement to our new structure,” said Lahart.

Many students have expressed positive feedback and good luck wishes to the organizations involved in the move.

“This new placement for these incredible organizations is huge for campus and I wish all involved a big good luck,” said Rogers.

Jopling said Banks is a high trafficked place so it will be a great space to grab the attention of students and get them involved with Student Government.

She cannot wait to see the success of this move and hopes these organizations continue to flourish.