Preparing For Your First Internship? Look No Further!

Mike Gawlik, Reporter

The fall semester is finally here and so is the season for students to prepare and explore internship opportunities here at Misericordia.

Internships are an important part of transitioning from student life into a professional career. They provide an opportunity to experience practical work that’s related to your field of study.

Internships are a great way to build professional skills as well as gain qualifications that will be beneficials for student’s future careers. At Misericordia, a plethora of internship opportunities in varying fields are readily available to students of all majors. There are also many Advisors, Coordinators, and professors that are willing to help any student at any time. The doors are always open for opportunity at Misericordia.

Johnna Evans is the Corporate Relations Coordinator for the university. Evans works within Misericordia’s Insalaco Center for Professional Development and Leadership where she explores different opportunity paths for students.

Evans has been working at Misericordia for the past 16 years, with the last two years spent in the Insalaco Center, working with students on internships and fostering relationships between employers and the university. Evans is passionate about helping students maximize their skills through internship experiences.

It’s important for students to properly prepare for their internships, “A good place to start would be to talk with your academic advisor to find out if your major requires one or is it recommended,” Evans said.

Another tip to help students with preparing for their internships is asking their peers who have previously completed one about if they feel it was a beneficial experience. Based on peer’s reflections, Evan’s explained that students can make a best informed decision on what internships will align with their interests and requirements.

Students tend to come into internships with a resume that’s already ready to go.

“Most students already have a resume either previously from high school or they create one as a sophomore as part of the Guaranteed Placement Program that is offered here at the university,” Evans said.

Students who don’t have resumes but are still interested in internship programs can participate in various workshops available to assist with the process. They are also encouraged to make appointments with Evans on Handshake to create or refine their resumes.

Senior Accounting major Andrew Zorn recently completed an internship in the spring.

Zorn interned with the Wilkes-Barre RailRiders as their accountant associate. Zorn was able to prepare mentally for his internship by referencing content learned in his previous course load here at Misericordia.

“Having my notes on me and reviewing them before my first day was helpful to ease the transition from the classroom to a professional workspace,” Zorn said.

Misericordia professors helped to prepare him with real-world practice scenarios in class.

“I am very grateful for the hard work of Professor Makar and Dr. Coop put into lectures to make me the accountant I am today,” said Zorn.

Zorn walked away from his internship with an even greater desire and passion to be an accountant.

Senior Mass Communications major Dajon Rush is currently preparing himself to start an internship this approaching spring semester.

“A friend working with Fox56 in downtown Wilkes-Barre gave me a contact to reach out to about an internship opportunity,” said Rush

Rush had already built a resume from high school and was able to talk with the sports director at Fox56 to start the intern position. He is preparing himself by studying his studio broadcasting notes and watching live broadcasts to simulate real life scenarios.

Rush is going to be responsible for balancing the schedule of a student and intern on top of being a student athlete on Misericordia’s football team.

“The keys to preparing for an internship I believe are time management and confidence,” said  Rush.

For juniors and seniors, internships are a great way to open the path for professional level work. Internships lead you to new opportunities and to meet new people. You will never be alone in the process here at Misericordia.

The office of Johnna Evans and the Insalaco center for professional development and leadership is always open to people who want an internship or need help starting the process. There is an opportunity for students to attend one of two internship information sessions held here at Misericordia. The first one will be held October 18th from 12-1pm in Insalaco Hall and the other on October 19th from 12-1pm on zoom. Both sessions are open to all students.