Gov. Wolf Praises Women with Children


Governor Tom Wolf visited the campus for the Women with Children program. Left, junior business major Rochelle-Jade Scott and her daughter Sky Scott. Right, junior psychology and government law and national security major, Rachel Ahern, and her daughter Leora Ahern.

Adam Myers, Reporter

Pa. Governor Tom Wolf made a special appearance to Campus Feb. 8 to promote the Women with Children program.

Wolf spoke in support of the program, alongside many of the mothers and children who are members of the program

“There were so many local news organizations to cover Wolf’s speech. As much as it was a day for Misericordia, it was a day for the Women with Children program” said Mike Gombita, the Digital Media Assistant for Alumni Relations, who was in attendance during the governor’s speech.

Before Wolf visited campus, he mentioned in a budget address that he wants to invest $5 million for similar educational programs. Being that Misericordia has the only program of its type in the state,  that could mean that colleges and universities might follow suit.

“As part of my plan to create the strongest workforce in the nation, I want to replicate this program across PA,” Wolf posted in his social media account.

In his address, Wolf focused on helping those who have ‘odds against them.’ He mentioned Misericordia for having a program like the Women with Children, which explains why he arranged a visit to learn more and highlight the unique program..

“The Women with Children program has worked their butts off to get the recognition that they deserve,” stated Gombita.

Although visits from the  governor may be few and far between for the university, not many students knew about the occasion because the event was not open.

Security was tight as many Campus Safety officers were stationed around the Maffiet House, as were members of Dallas Township police force, according to Gombita.

Kailene Nye, sophomore mass communications and design major, said it is significant to have had members of WWC attend the speech.

“I think while it is unfortunate, it was appropriate,” Nye,said.

She said because the event honored the mothers in the program, they should have their moment.

Founded in 2000, the Women with Children provides an opportunity for single mothers that are economically disadvantaged to complete a college degree while being provided counseling, tutoring, and other informational workshops throughout the year, according to the university’s website. Each mother and  children are provided with housing near the vicinity of the university.

“I was welcomed with open arms and was provided with blessing upon blessings in every sense,” said Stacy Mccartar, an early education first year student and part of the Women with Children program.

Mccartar, a single mother of three children, lived in St. Louis before hearing about Misericordia. Her struggles as a single mother were abundant. She said life wasemotionally and physically stressful because she could not give everything for her children. She addressed that with working full time, but she would not be able to give a lot of time to her kids.

“All of their emotional and physical needs came to me. All of the sicknesses of the children, the late nights, and the physical support for them. I was living a fast pace life trying to make ends meet,” Mccartar said.

Mccartar was first exposed to the program when her local pastor found Misericordia’s pamphlet while at a nearby Mercy Center. She was hesitant at first because she would have to live her family while at school, but Mccartar realized that it would lead to a better future for her and her children. She believes that the WWC program is a “phenomenal movement that affects society,” and she and her kids are very outspoken about their support.

Now that she has been enrolled, Mccartar feels that she has found a safe environment. She believes the program creates a sense of family and friendship. Members participate in events, including women’s and children’s birthdays, Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas dinners with the President, sport camps and other activities.

Mccartar is very thankful that the program is receiving support from governor Wolf and shares his belief that having a program like the WWC is an investment.

“Our program is what every society needs. We need powerful, independent, and educated women who are mothers,” Mccarter said.