Cougar Activity Council Offers Safe Activities

Jackson Henry, Reporter

The Cougar Activity Council offers additional activities to students looking to relieve stress, do crafts or just have fun while they follow pandemic protocols.

The group is made up of students who participated in Student Engagement conferences to look for new ideas, as well as other students who are interested in the group. They help determine which musicians, performers, comedians and other acts were brought to campus.

In addition to the new name, a new advisor, Dominick DeMatteo, will be working with the group.

Darcy Brodmerkel, Director of Student Engagement, said the pandemic prevented the club from attending last year’s conferences, so students have been looking to to find ways to entertain the campus community.

“Students on their own have access to many comedians, bands on YouTube and other platforms that we would rather try to do more homegrown activities. As far as the protocols, the group will continue to offer events and activities and follow all established protocols of the university by masking and maintaining social distancing,” she said.

The CAC will not only plan events; they will offer opportunities for students to learn life skills like leadership, teamwork, communication, budgeting and time management.

“This is a council run by students, for the students,” said Dominick de Matteo, Area Coordinator for Residence Life. “Students have the task of creating unique and fun experiences for our Misericordia University community. Most of the students involved in the council have had prior experience in planning events and activities which, in turn, will be extremely beneficial while we begin this new endeavor of the Cougar Activity Council.”

He said the CAC will have to think “outside of the box” while planning events for students, which de Matteo said will also help them personally.

“Not only is this council going to be a valuable part when planning these experiences, but the students who applied and are involved in the council are also growing,” said de Matteo.

While a large number of students can benefit from the CAC, the question of how these activities or events will be conducted during COVID-19 is burning.

“Our main goal is safety. When planning these experiences, the CAC will be adhering to all specifications that our Cougar Care Team and Vice President has put in place,” said de Matteo. “As with anything on campus, all students wanting to participate in an event that the CAC had planned, will need to be wearing their face covering along with practicing social distancing at the events.”

CAC members will monitor all events closely to make sure students abide by  protocols and practice safety measures.