The Highlander

One of the eight waterfalls, the Bridesmaid Falls, flows a lot of water.

Running Wild With Jen Mathiesen: Bushkill Falls

April 21, 2016

My original plan for this issue was to head out to Ricketts Glen State Park, a natural area only 30 minutes...

The Delaware River Viaduct is a reinforced concrete railroad bridge across the Delaware Bridge, more popularly known to the locals as the Alice in Wonderland Bridge.

Running Wild With Jen Mathiesen: Delaware Water Gap

March 23, 2016

   Now that we are finally experiencing spring-like temperatures, it is time to take the jackets off and put...

A group of penguins show off their moves for the crowd at the afternoon feeding session.

Running Wild With Jen Mathiesen: Trexler Nature Preserve and The Lehigh Valley Zoo

March 2, 2016

   This time of year, the weather seems to be the most unpredictable. The temperatures and elements...

On certain days there are live professional ice carving competitions.

Running Wild With Jen Mathiesen: Crystal Cabin Fever

February 18, 2016

   Are you feeling blue this winter? Does being trapped indoors every day drive you crazy? So this...

Running Wild With Jen Mathiesen: Snow Adventure

Tyler Bartron snowboards down the hill on a ranch where horses are boarded.

Jen Mathiesen, Web Editor

February 4, 2016

   Snow! We finally got the first real snow storm.  Personally, I am not too fond of the cold winte...

Junior medical imaging major Donya Forst and junior healthcare management/pre-DPT major Arielle Kneller attempt to cut down our Christmas tree at Bennie’s Nursery and Tree Farm.

Running Wild With Jen Mathiesen: Bennie’s Nursery and Tree Farm

December 16, 2015

Most of us are ready to get home to our families and friends for a much needed break, a time for us to...

As you reach the bottom of the hill on Christmas Village Road you see possibly the most dramatic view of the Village.

Running Wild With Jen Mathiesen: Koziar’s Christmas Village

November 30, 2015

A much-needed winter break is heading our way. (Less than a month away, people!) I felt for this issue...

Running Wild With Jen Mathiesen: Jim Thorpe

Tyler Bartron checks out the train tracks off of the Glen Onoko Falls Trail.

Jen Mathiesen, Web Editor

November 11, 2015

For this issue, I only intended to go for a train ride on the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway, yet what was planned to be a quick adventure soon turned in to a daylong excursion that will unquestionably be a lifelong memory. The town of Jim Thorpe has so much to offer. I mentioned several attractions, but there are even more for you to discover.

Running Wild With Jen Mathiesen: Frances Slocum State Park

 The park has 13 miles of trails that go in many different directions and offer many different attractions.

Jen Mathiesen, Web Editor

October 28, 2015

This fall’s burst of color has reached its peak, and the foliage is beautiful and eye-catching. A lot...

Running Wild with Jen Mathiesen: Roba Family Farms

Junior medical imaging major Donya Forst gets lost in the mega corn maze.

Jen Mathiesen, Web Editor

October 13, 2015

Of all of the seasons, fall is undeniably my favorite. Not only is the weather perfect (I like those...

A photo taken from the wooden bridge crossing the channels.

Running Wild With Jen Mathiesen: Seven Tubs Nature Area

September 30, 2015

Do you crave adventure? Enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty? Want to make your own decisions and escape for...

Senior healthcare management major Jen Mathiesen poses with a calf at The Lands  at Hillside Farms.

Running Wild With Jen Mathiesen: The Lands at Hillside Farms

September 16, 2015

All I have heard in my three years here is, “There is nothing to do around here,” or “Why did I...

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