Running Wild With Jen Mathiesen: Snow Adventure


Tyler Bartron snowboards down the hill on a ranch where horses are boarded.

Jen Mathiesen, Web Editor

   Snow! We finally got the first real snow storm.  Personally, I am not too fond of the cold winter days, but the lack of snow this year felt just plain weird.

   This weekend, I was home in the Stroudsburg area where we got hammered. Jonas came and stayed, dropping about 20 inches of snow.

   The weather forecasts changed several times throughout the week leading up to the storm.  I heard so many things that I didn’t know what to believe. I was certain that we would just get an inch or two, or it would miss us completely and everyone hyped it up for nothing.

   I was wrong, obviously. Twenty inches is a lot of snow, especially for just one storm.

   It felt as if winter came all in one day.

   Well, with 20 inches of snow you could imagine that the roads were in pretty rough shape. The snow fell non-stop, and it was hard for the plow trucks to keep up with it. None of us were leaving the neighborhood, unless we were walking. So, for this adventure I decided to simply go out and play in the snow!  It was like I was a kid again.

   You can take this “adventure” anywhere –  anywhere with snow, of course. For my snow day, I decided to do a few things with my boyfriend, dog, and family. They included:

   1. Building a snowman! Every year I look forward to building at least one. However, my dog felt otherwise and shortly after we finished building it, she decided that the stick arms and carrot nose were hers. My snowman was very short-lived and the carrot nose is still missing.

   2. Going sledding/snowboarding. What is more exhilarating than going down a hill uncontrollably fast? The only downside is having to walk back up the hill when you reach the bottom, and let me tell you it really isn’t as easy as when we were kids!

   3. Having a snowball fight. As long as you have warm gloves, you could go all day. Just don’t throw one at your Mom when she isn’t expecting it. (Just not a good idea.)

   4. Shoveling. Yes, a daunting task, but it needs to be done. We shoveled several times (more than I would’ve liked) or in my Dad’s case, blew the snow with a leaf blower. Although snow covered him head to toe, I don’t think he minded much as he was excited to use his Christmas gift.

   5. Eating snow ice cream. Seeing as shoveling took a lot of our time and was exhausting, I wanted to do something rewarding. So we made snow ice cream. Yes, you read that right! I found the recipe at The ingredients: 1 cup of milk – 1/3 cup of sugar – 1 pinch of salt – 8 cups of CLEAN snow (more or less depending on the snow) – and any toppings you might like.

   6. Relaxing. If you don’t want to go outside in the weather, you can always sit down and watch some TV or Netflix. We grabbed our ice cream and watched some “Blue Bloods” to end our day.

   That is just a few things that I did, but, of course, there are certainly more you can do, like make snow angels, watch a football game with friends, or go snow tubing. Don’t let the cold keep you from running wild outside.