Senior Football Player Learned Hard Work, Dependability

Zachary Pippen, Sports Reporter

Tavion Rogers credits his personal development to the time he spent as the football team’s linebacker.

The senior government, law and national security and philosophy double major has played for the past four years and is one of the team’s top leaders. He said the first time he stepped on the field was a very special moment.

“After tearing my ACL my senior year of high school, I questioned if I was ever going to get the opportunity to play again. That realization definitely hits hard when you’re so young and the thing you’re most passionate about gets stripped from you. So stepping on the field for my first game as a starter, I just embraced everything because I know how fast it could be taken away again,” said Rogers.

He said his parents encouraged him to join.

“They have always been supportive of me and my values, and when I told them I wanted to play football at the next level, they backed me every step of the way. If it was not for their support, I doubt I would be in the position I am in today,” he said.

That position is not only his place as an essential player but also his growth as a well-rounded person.

“From the personal connections I’ve made with players and coaches to the character traits I have developed over my playing career. Without a doubt I have become more hardworking, dependable, and learned how to become a more efficient leader. These skills have been and will continue to be extremely beneficial for me in the future,” Rogers said.

In his free time, Rogers said he likes to travel, read and play other sports.

“I love to travel and immerse myself in different cultures around the world,” he said. “I’m definitely the type of person who visits a different country whenever the opportunity is presented. On a more day to day basis, though, I like playing basketball, swimming, and occasionally reading political or philosophic texts.”

More recently, however, he has been helping to organize the Black Student Union, the first club of its kind in the history of the university. His leadership skills earned him the title of president.

Rogers said he has collected many great memories during his time on the team. His favorite, however, is the football team’s overtime win against Lebanon Valley College during the 2019 season.

The team played through four overtimes to score a game-winning touchdown by Eric Jefferies, junior running back. The crowd went ecstatic when the game ended.

“I never played a game that went into overtime, and it was crazy to be a part of a game that went into four. After winning that game, I think we became so much closer as a team, as we realized we could grind through anything together,” he said.