Mis Movie Critic: Safe Haven

Sarah Badorf England, Web Editor

Welcome to my last movie review of the semester which is about the drama/thriller/romance film, “Safe Haven.” I’m excited to review this film as it’s one of my favorite romance movies with a twist. I’m also looking forward to reviewing a film from a different genre than the rest of the films I’ve talked about this semester. 

To recap, I’ve reviewed a romantic comedy, a children’s film, and a dystopian fiction film. You may think I’ve already reviewed a romance film but “Safe Haven” is a bit different from other romance movies, like saying it’s a little bit of a thriller, as well.

This movie starts with the main character (Katie) being abused by her husband. She eventually escapes to start a new life in a new town in hopes of getting away from her husband. She falls upon a small, charming town that she decides to settle in, meets a man (Alex) with a son and daughter and eventually, after opening up, starts to spend time with him and his family. Katie and Alex admit their feelings for each other and begin a relationship together. 

Katie befriends a woman who often gives her friendly advice but soon learns she is the spirit of Alex’s late wife. When Katie’s abusive husband finds her, he sets Alex’s house on fire. Katie tries to fight off her ex husband and accidentally shoots him dead. After everything is resolved, Katie and Alex move in together and Alex gives her a letter written from his late wife with the words “To Her” on the envelope.

That was a very quick summary of the film but there’s much more to it than that. A lot of people aren’t into romance films because they think they’re cheesy or all the same but this film is different than other romance films.

This film isn’t just about romance. Katie finds herself in an abusive relationship with her husband and realizes she needs to get out of it. Once she leaves without him knowing, he doesn’t stop looking for her until he finds her.

Knowing that Katie’s husband is actively looking for her causes suspense among viewers because they feel for her character and don’t want her to be back with a man who is hurting her, causing viewers to feel the suspense the entire movie.

When I like a film, I could watch it a million times and it’ll never get old. That’s how I feel about this film; it’s a great movie!

Unfortunately, the critics on Rotten Tomatoes don’t agree. This film got a 14% by the critics, which is extremely low. The overall consensus from the critics is the film “still has the eye-rolling trademarks of a Nicholas Sparks production.” Despite the critics giving this film horrible ratings, most viewers enjoyed it, giving it a 67% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

I can see where the audience and critics are coming from with their ratings; however, I think this is a great film to watch with friends, by yourself, or with your family. The twists keep it interesting and the film has a great story. Don’t let critics’ reviews discourage you from watching this movie; see it for yourself.