Captain’s Corner

Michael Diakunczak, Reporter

Lenny Watson, senior offensive lineman for the football team, recently received news that he is one of  five nominated captains for this season, alongside Nick Yeager, Joe Grasso, Josh Dieter, and Clayton Vleck. Watson is ready to take on a leadership role that can help turn the program around.

Watson comes from Conestoga High School  in Paoli, Pa., and he is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. Fun fact: Watson is a lifelong Atlanta Falcons football and Atlanta Braves baseball fan. Watson, a chemistry major, plans to use his degree to become a physician. He is built at 5’11, 290 pounds, and he has technique to be one of the toughest centers to face in the Middle Atlantic Conference.

Number 66 has been on the field for the Cougars often over the last three years. Watson has made an appearance in 31 games, and he was named a starter in 27. His 27th career start was Sept. 1 against Merchant Marine Academy. In the last two of his three seasons of play, Watson has had the talent to be twice named All-MAC Honorable Mention. Too bad no statistics are commonly kept for offensive linemen, but if they existed, Watson would have plenty of “pancakes.” A “pancake” is a term that refers to a lineman putting a defensive lineman on his back. Tough stuff.

He is one of the big names in the program, and Watson has had a lot of experiences, both the good and the bad. He said the best experience  is the team’s brotherhood.

“My favorite part [of the program] has definitely been the brothers I’ve met, the friendships and everlasting connections I have.”

Misericordia football has had a lot of change since Watson has been around, especially for the offensive linemen, and that is part of the bad. Three offensive line coaches have come and gone since Watson joined the program nearly four years ago. Watson created bonds with both former offensive line coaches Chris Gray and Brendan Walsh. Offensive Line and Strength Coach Aaron Mershman is onboard for this season.

Just a week into the 2018 season, when Misericordia fell to Merchant Marine Academy 30-9 on opening day, Watson said he still has solid goals in mind for both himself and the team.

“For the 2018 season, my goal is get all conference again. As for the team, I want to win some more games and make some history. However, I also want us to become closer as friends and teammates,” Watson said.

Knowing that this is the final year he will step onto the football field for the Cougars, Watson wishes to share his passion.

“As my time is ticking, I’d like to say never take any moment for granted. You never know when it’s going be your last game, and you won’t understand how time will fly until it’s too late. Also, always be ready because your number may always be called, especially when you least expect it. This is true for real life and sports.”he said.Cap