Misericordia’s Music Makes Comeback with Dr. Marcinko


Dr. Marko Marcinko, Misericordia’s future music director.

Emma Blakiewicz, Multimedia Editor

As part of Misericordia’s strategic plan, the expansion of extracurricular activities, such as further athletic opportunities, academic clubs, and enhanced music ensembles is making its long anticipated debut in the wake of COVID-19.

Dr. Marko Marcinko, an award-winning jazz ensemble director at Penn State University and an adjunct professor at institutions such as Lehigh University, has toured with artists all around the world. His clientele includes John Legend, Joan Rivers and Jay Leno. Currently, he works with the Grammy-nominated Dave Liebman Big Band and is involved with the award-winning Scranton Jazz Festival Big Band. 

Along with serving as the director of contemporary and jazz music for the PA Jazz Institute, Marcinko will be Misericordia’s director of Music Performance, starting with the fall 2023 semester.

As of today, the professor is “working on creating a whole new musical culture for the university” and is enthralled to soon be working with students.

Misericordia’s music program, as stated in the Strategic Plan, has played an important role in the university’s history, and “although [the music program] has waned considerably over recent decades, it still stands to be a potentially powerful asset to the quality of campus life.” 

The plan goes on to state that, “While Misericordia is not in a position that would allow us to produce a full academic music program, we can develop a robust set of opportunities for musical performance ranging from music lessons (some of which are in place, for instance, for the piano and the guitar) to pep bands to chamber music to enhanced theater productions.” 

After as long as eight years ago, the incoming opportunities will be a welcome change of pace for students both involved in band and orchestra as high school extracurriculars, as well as those curious to try.

With the introduction of Marcinko as the new director of music, there are hopes of bringing those dreams into fruition. Students of any musical talent are invited to join in choice ensembles yet to be revealed. 

For more information, contact Dr. Marcinko at [email protected] or visit his website at www.marko marcinko.com.