Best Buddies Club Holds Events for Members


Best Buddies Trunk or Treat in 2021

Valerie Badger, Reporter

An Involvement Fair is held during the first week of classes every year, giving students an opportunity to join clubs.  It is also a chance for first-year students to see what Misericordia has to offer.

One of the lesser-known clubs allows students to volunteer time to help and befriend a student with a disability. Best Buddies pairs students to get to know each other, play games, and attend events such as the club’s annual “Trunk or Treat.” With contact information shared, the two students can meet outside of club activities and spend one-on-one time with one another.

According to Best Buddies President Jessica Furman, “Best Buddies attempts to put on a variety of events. Each month we come up with a different event for our members to attend. The events can be anything, including game nights and bowling nights to name a few.”

During the month of September, Best Buddies held a game night for members in Insalaco Hall. In October, the club held a Spook-tacular event where students in the club and students at the Autism Center got together in their costumes and enjoyed a Halloween bash.

Other events have included a karaoke night and Bingo. The club also has fun fundraising nights, such as nights at Taco Bell and nights at Rita’s.

Best Buddies is not demanding and the activities are fun and relaxing for everybody. Those interested in joining the club may log onto the website BB360 and fill out a Best Buddies application. All that is necessary is to put in the school’s address and your personal information, as well as your interests so you are able to be paired.

Being paired with a buddy takes a couple weeks.  For more information about the club, reach out to Autism Center Director Janine Starinsky at [email protected].