Aspirations and Impressions with the President


Daniel Myers Misericordia University President

Alyssa Stegura, Reporter

In an attempt to provide the Misericordia community with important issues and news happening on campus, presidential updates are held three times every academic year.  President Daniel J. Myers, PhD held the most recent update on Oct. 25 in Lemmond Theatre.

“I will continue to strive to share as much information as I can in many different settings about the numerous developments within our university,” Myers said.

President Myers expressed how privileged he is to host another separate meeting called “Opening Meeting” for faculty ad staff, which takes place before the beginning of fall semester.

The update with the president brought aspirations and plans about how to make Misericordia better and to build a strong campus community. Many aspects were looked at, such as “Students, Student Success System, Community Support, Physical Plant, People, and Mission,” said Myers.

A major key topic was getting more full-time students to apply to Misericordia  and the president’s strategy is to invest more in marketing and public relations. Along with that, Myers is also analyzing financial aid and other processes to ensure they are as efficient as possible. The full plan is to enhance enrollment.

“As part of that process, it is clear that we need to smartly expand our geographic reach by researching areas and demographics from which we might do well in attracting new students,” said Myers.

Myers also said like most private, small institutions in our region, both President Myers and chief of staff James Roberts realize there are fewer high school graduates in traditional recruitment areas.  Myers and Roberts goal is to innovate and reach out to other populations.

Some students have expressed their excitement and hope for the president’s approach to gain more students.

“I think it’s great that the president is so proactive in helping enhance enrollment and it’s a brilliant idea to reach out to many different demographics,” said senior Psychology major Karri Baker.

Students like senior Mass Communication and Design major Mitchell Hall said getting more students would boost campus tremendously and help make a better, larger campus community.

“Appealing to reach other populations would lead to more diversity and give students a chance to attend college who may not have had the opportunity to come and would bring more awareness to the school,” said Hall.

Through strategic plans and planning processes, along with collaborative ways with administrations and staff. Myers will seek priority for  the elements in his “Big Five Buckets” which include the expanding of student markets, academic programming, visibility and marketing, student life, and deploying financial aid.

Myers plans to help integrate enrollment and program development on campus by “looking at new and enhanced academic and co-curricular program offerings, financial aid, increased and targeted marketing as weal as active solicitation of new ideas from our staff, faculty, and students at any point during the year,” said Myers and James Roberts, chief of staff.

An important strategy is to incorporate students to share personal or group succession stories with family and friends. By spreading those stories in person or on social media, fun things and events that happen on campus that students enjoy can help relay the Misericordia experience to others.

“Please help us by spreading the word whenever you can about MU,” the two said.

Students feel social media is a great way to attract new students.

“Social media is a huge part of all our lives and if I saw a post of a fun campus event and I wasn’t a student here, it would definitely make me want to come check Misericordia out,” said Baker.

Hall agreed with Baker in that social media attracts perspective students and could be the reason someone chooses to check out the .

The university is reviewing a variety of options for students to engage in and get involved. No specifics have been finalized, but may include new athletics, such as “rowing, club sports, and a possible dome, which would open new possibilities,” said Myers. Another possibility is for academic sports, such as “debate, speech, mock trial, moot court, and case competitions,” said Myers. Finally, music ensembles, which would include, choral, band/orchestra, marching band, and pep band are all being considered.

“I believe we have room to add more things that our students are energetic about and would like to continue from high school to college,” said Myers.

“It would offer a wider variety of activities for students to try and get involved in,” said Hall.

Students like Baker said if these new activities come to campus, they will give students the experiences they loved in high. Baker thinks it would enhance college life for many.

The topic of tenure restoration was another key topic at this update as the board of trustees has accepted a task for recommendations on how to refine the award of tenure.

“The administrative team is working with faculty to accomplish the requirements outlined by the board regarding tenure and will continue to work towards them throughout the academic year,” said Myers.

The president’s plan for visibility and marketing at the university is to make “one MU” in which members of the campus community celebrate successes and face challenges together. In Myers’ four months at Misericordia, he has found the university truly prepares students for an impactful life of service and a supportive campus environment and hard work of students lead to student success and the university acclaim.

“I hope that everyone on campus can adopt an entrepreneurial spirit, suggest new ideas, and take ownership and help drive them forward with support from the university, their colleagues or fellow students,” said Myers.

Myers said Misericordia University is a special place with people committed to each other.

“The sky is the limit on what we can accomplish together if we collaborate with good will and positive vision for the future,” said Myers. “We can all share in each other’s success and grow as a community.”