More Cows, Corndogs Wanted

Jacob Schwieger, graduate physical therapy major, and Annette Ritzko, graduate speech-language pathology major, enjoy the sights and sounds of the Bloomsburg Fair

Isaac Glidewell, Reporter

University officials plan to further increase ticket sales for the annual Bloomsburg Fair because tickets were hotter than waffles on sticks this year.

Darcy Brodmerkel, Director of Student Engagement, said tickets ran out quickly.

“We have been helping out by selling these tickets for the past several years. Each year more and more tickets are sold,” Brodmerkel said. “I had sold 500 tickets last year out of this office, so I started out with 500 this year, and they were gone within the first two days, and then I had to contact the fair, and ask for more.”

Brodmerkel said she ended up selling 900 tickets, nearly twice as many as last year.

Not only students bought the tickets, she said.

“I also allow employees to buy them. I’ll probably start out with 1000 next year to be on the safe side,” Brodmerkel said.

The Bloomsburg Fair, held for over 160 years, has many attractions, games, rides, vendors and food stands, the kind of things students want.

“It was fun. My favorite part was the food and the animals,” shared first year Averi Rine.

Hebah Siam, freshman, made memories there.

“Okay, so there was a helicopter ride at the fair which I never knew they had and it was really fun, and they take professional pictures of you on it,” Siam said.

Siam also had close encounters with some of the animals on the fairgrounds.

“Also there was a guy that had two parrots with him and let people hold them, and I love parrots so that was one of my favorite parts. It was a fun time overall.”

Brodmerkel said she is happy to be able to provide students with a chance to enjoy the fair.

“Whatever we sell, I just give them [fair organizers] that amount back. It’s a great opportunity to see what all is happening at the fair. Students have a great time there, and that it is the state’s biggest fair but also considered the biggest fair on the East Coast, so there’s a lot to do and people just enjoy going,” Brodmerkel said.

More than 400,000 people attended the fair this year alone, according to the Bloomsburg Fair website.

Some students said the fair is a tradition.

“I am excited that so many people decided to take up the opportunity to purchase the discount fair tickets, and visit the Bloomsburg Fair,” said junior Hunter Glidewell. “It’s been a tradition in Bloomsburg for many years, and it’s great that so many people can experience it this year.”

Juliana Cofrancesco, a junior English and secondary education major, said sales showed students’ commitment to the community.

“Selling 900 fair tickets demonstrates how the Bloomsburg Fair is a tangible place that builds community between all who go. As Misericordia is known for its commitment to community, the selling of so many tickets shows a passion these students have for supporting local businesses and building memories,” Cofrancesco said.