Miss Recordia

Samantha Allen, Multimedia Editor

Spooky Halloween fun is a tradition on campus, and students have been celebrating in many ways throughout the years.

Haunted houses are a hit on campus, but they have scared students for ages.  On Oct. 28 1954, the freshman class put on a haunted house called “Hernados Hallway” in the cafeteria. According to the Miss Recordia article published about the event, students could hear giggles and screams down the halls during this spooky event. Speaking of dressing up Misericordia put on one of the most beloved plays of all times in October 1966 with a performance of “The Wizard of Oz.”  Students who were not acting on stage had a reason to get dressed up too. On October 21 1955 seniors put on the “Harvest Moon Ball” to welcome freshman. The Halloween-themed event was held at the practice filed at King’s College in Wilkes-Barre. Imagine getting all dolled up, and heading on down to Wilkes Barre and dancing the night away under the fall night sky.

Not everything was scary on All Hallows Eve, however.  On October, 1967 students had their class rings blessed and in 1946 the gym was named St. Joseph’s Cottage, which was a little building right behind Insalaco. The cottage that was once our gym could probably fit inside of the gym that we have now!

With a campus this small, even the smallest events make important news. On October 15, 1988 the science building was rededicated. Also, in October 1946 McGann hall was welcomed. It’s crazy to think that all of these tiny events made such big impacts on the campus we know and love today. Although buildings such as St. Joseph’s Cottage no longer exist, it served as one more step in the creation of the university of today.

One thing that hasn’t changed, and that’s the love that students show and give every day. Misericordia has always been a vibrant community: Dances, haunted houses, and plays are just a few things that brought excitement to campus. Here we are in 2017 waiting for the activities that will fill the end of the fall season and hold a place in our hearts, the way they have for everyone who has gone before us.