Fashion Digest: Stylin’ and Profilin’ – Fall Statement Pieces


Lena Williams

Lena Williams, Columnist

Fall is such a great time of the year for fashion. You can mix and match, play with rustic colors, and layer as many clothes as you want! If you remember from my past two articles, I asked the faculty members to share their statement pieces.

What is a statement piece? A statement piece is any article of clothing or accessory that either uniquely stands out, or is something that people wear consistently in their day-to-day outfits. Statement pieces do not necessarily have to be flashy or something that sports a name brand but something that you feel brings value to your ensemble. For this issue, I asked some of our peers on campus what their fall statement pieces are and why. Let’s check out what some people are rocking this fall.

First, I came across sophomore Paige Shaughnessy, who was sporting a pair of her favorite Ugg boots. “My Uggs are my statement piece because they’re very comfortable and go with any outfit when I’m on the go,” she said.

Passing on the rugged look of most Ugg boots, Paige was attracted to the model with bows on the back because they fit with her girly-chic style. Paige also expressed her fondness of different styles of boots such as cowboy and pink Ugg boots, and the ways she can mix and match them with many of the items in her closet.

Next I chatted with sophomore Sean Lynch, who was wearing a cream-colored cable-knit Tussah silk sweater from Polo Ralph Lauren. “Sweaters are my ‘go to’ in the fall because there’s so much you can do with them,” said Lynch. Sean  enjoys how versatile sweaters are: You can wear them alone or with a collared shirt underneath. In addition, he believes that they are perfect for the fall weather because you rarely need a jacket to wear over top.

Then I spotted freshman Caroline Thomas, who was wearing a very stylish outfit: Scarves are her fall statement pieces. “Colorful scarves are my statement piece for the fall because they are so versatile, and you can wear them a million different ways,” she said.

She adores the fact that scarves can add that element of comfy and casual to an outfit, but at the same time they can vamp it up with a splash of color. She tends to pair her colorful scarves with chunky neutral-colored sweaters to keep it simple and classy!

Finally, senior Ron Williams caught my attention with his camel-colored corduroy jacket, which I saw him wearing a couple of times.

“I like to layer my clothes in the fall because the weather varies so often,” he explained.

To accommodate to the shifty weather, Ron likes to pair a sweater with a jacket, or a light hoodie with a jacket to keep his options open. He paired his amazing corduroy jacket with a navy blue hoodie that gave his outfit a casual-preppy vibe. Each student made a statement with his or her favorite piece!

Caroline Thomas
Caroline Thomas
Sean Lynch
Sean Lynch