Misericordia Student Amirah Muhammed-Coney Promotes Her Clothing Line

Alyssa Stegura, Reporter

Misericordia Student, Entrepreneur, Amirah Muhammed-Coney Promotes her Clothing Line

Amirah Muhammed-Coney, a student in the Women with Children program at Misericordia University, is not only a full-time student and mother, but also an entrepreneur business owner.

Amirah’s clothing store, called “VMIRVH Apparel,” was founded in August 2013 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Having always had a love and passion for fashion, she credits her mom as her brightest inspiration.

“My mother always encouraged me to embrace my uniqueness, to be myself and it’s okay to be the anomaly,” said Amirah.

It was the support of her mother that inspired Amirah’s creative fashion expression, which thus bore her mantra for the brand “Be Bold, Be You.”

She follows her mother’s belief, which is “If I could dream it, I could be it.”

Amirah’s dream has always been to be an entrepreneur so she followed her mother’s beliefs by founding her clothing store with a goal of inspiring people to be the very best versions of themselves through the lens of “Being Bold and Being Different.” She wants all who wear her brand to remember it is okay to be different as long as they stay true to who they are and who they want to be.

Amirah. 24, refers to herself as a “driven mother, student, and entrepreneur.” She has a deep spiritual drive for infusing love into the universe and wants to be the voice of change by inspiring others to chase their dreams.

The name “VMIRVH” comes from Amirah’s first name by replacing the As with Vs, which is unique to who she is and completely original.

VMIRVH currently appeals to a unisex costumer while offering crop tops, sweaters, t-shirts, and hats.

Amirah says she faces time-management challenges and is still learning how to perfectly balance her time between motherhood, schoolwork, and entrepreneurship as they all require time and devotion.

She says she owes a lot of gratitude to her mentor, Ms. Katherine,  who helps her see and understand the importance of incorporating solitude into her daily regime.

“I’ve learned to balance and prioritize my time through practice of solitude, spending quality time with my daughter and keeping student life at the core of my total success,” she said.

Eventually, Amirah would like to have a handbag brand with a philanthropic aim so she can give back to the community by creating more single mother-student programs similar to the Women with Children Program at Misericordia University but expanding to historically black colleges. Her goal is to have single mothers be able to dress for success and get a good education so they, too, can create their own companies and do good things for their community.

Amirah looks to give back for the blessings she has received and hopes to be the help the community and single mothers need in regard to dressing successfully and having access to resources. Her clothing line is online, but one day she hopes to open stores so customers can shop in-person and feel good about themselves with the help of the clothes they are wearing.

Amirah has advice for future entrepreneurs or those who have dreams and are afraid to try, which is to believe that they can achieve anything they set their mind and heart to and to do it without letting fear get in their way of success. She says to set a plan and stick to it. Understand that with everything you work hard for, you ultimately will run into challenges, but do not give up if you truly have a drive for something.

“I’m a firm believer of walking by faith and not by sight which goes back to believing that your plan will work itself out if you work hard enough for what you want,” she stated.

She says anyone traveling the entrepreneur path should not be afraid to seek assistance and guidance from a mentor because that mentor could be a guidepost for building the business.

Amirah’s clothing can be found on her website: www.VMIRVHApparel.com. It can also be found on both Instagram and Facebook @vmirvhapparel.