Student Engagement Brings Back Formal Dance


Photo by: freepic.diller

Isaac Glidewell, Print Editor

After years of debate, Student Engagement will bring back formal dances.

The students and faculty of Student Engagement will host a dance called “The Spring Fling” off campus on Saturday, March 21. The dance marks a comeback of having a formal dance for the Misericordia community after being cancelled abut three years ago due to lack of interest.

Darcy Brodmerkel, director of Student Engagement, mentioned the significance of having a formal dance as a campus tradition.

“It was one of Misericordia’s annual traditions that we held a formal dance in the spring semester,”  she said.

The dances continued for years but were eventually cancelled because of low turnout.

However, Brodmerkel said, the dances have not always had that issue, recalling one year when 700 students showed up to the “Snow Ball” dance.

The discussion to bring back formal dance started with a Facebook page created by students to get Brodmerkel’s attention. When it did, she conducted a survey that was completed by about 300 people where she learned that around 75% of students stated they wanted a formal dance and most voted that $25 is not too much to pay.

Brodmerkel hopes attendance is high enough to restart the tradition. If the outcome is higher, the dance may continue next year as the original “Snow Ball.”

“I’d like to have at least 250 to 300 students attend,” she said.

First-year students are invited to use a free shuttle to the location because most have no transportation.

Katelyn Timms, freshman medical health humanities and pre-doctorate of physical therapy, believes the shuttle is a great idea.

“I think that, if they can’t be there, then it is a great way for them to get there and to be included, as well,” she said, adding she believes restarting the dance tradition is a great idea.

“I think it’s exciting,” Timms said. “I think having time to just have a good time in between all the stress that college brings is a great opportunity.”

Brodmerkel hopes for the tradition to return permanently.

“I’m hoping that this picks up again and we can bring back something that was a big tradition here at Misericordia,” she said.

She added the formal dance does not mean tuxedos and suits as nice shirts and pants are allowed.

Timms thinks dressing up could be a fun experience.

“I personally think it’s fun to dress up sometimes and make yourself feel kind of good instead of just like when we go to class everyday we just wear sweatpants and leggings so instead being able to dress up and have a good time,” she said.

Brodmerkel added, “You don’t need to have a date” for the dance, reporting that groups can go or students can go by themselves and have just as much fun.

The dance will include a dinner, beverages and a cash bar for those 21 years of age and over and will be held at Genetti’s in Wilkes-Barre.

Tickets, at $25 each, are now on sale and can be purchased at the Student Engagement office in the Banks Student Life Center.