Writer’s Room: “The Butterfly”

Jessica Dexter-Johnson

Description: In early October, my aunt passed away from cancer so I’m dedicating this to her.

While wrapped in my cocoon, I can see a tiny slit. The sun rays pierced through and put a warm loving feeling of comfort upon my face; it was at that moment I realized all my pain and suffering would be over. It was at that moment I understood my new life would begin, not in the flesh but in spirit.

I made my way through the slit in my cocoon as it crumbled and fell from my being; everything seemed so different once I fully emerged from the darkness. The sun was brighter than ever and every color imaginable was so vibrant and full of pigment; this place is different, very different from where I’m from.

I embraced every moment; a smile swept across my face as my heart was filled with warmth and peace. I was not trapped anymore, or being held back. I was reborn into something so much better than I have ever been before. No more worries or weeping for me, for the weeping willow weeps no longer. I am healed and finally without pain and discomfort.

No I will not wake with you, nor will you hear my voice or see me again, and that’s okay, for I am finally free! Free from any and everything that has held me back! Now I say this is my time to live forever. It’s always day time where I am, not a dark cloud in the sky. I stretched for the very first time and felt my wings. I closed my eyes and took flight …. I am free; I am free.

Don’t cry or weep for me; just remember the laughter and good times we’ve shared and bask in those moments. Be happy for me, for I have no more worries.

Love Always,

The Butterfly