Men’s Lacrosse vs. Marywood (2/26)

Garrett Heidecker, sophomore midfielder and faceoff, fights for possession during the face off.

Megan Oldak, Multi-Media Editor

Don Conway, sophomore long stick midfielder, puts up a powerful defense, slowing down the opposing team.
Sophomore defender, Spencer Sundberg, attempts to check the opposing team, helping senior goalie, Bryan Degennaro, prevent the opposing team from scoring.
Freshman midfielder, David Giordano, charges down the field towards goal.
Jake Miller, freshman defender, races to stop the opposing team’s attacker.
Sophomore midfielder, Ryan Vandenberg, takes his chance at the goal.
After the opposing team’s goalie is forced out of goal, sophomore midfielder, Ryan Vandenberg, applies pressure.
Robert Wagner, junior midfielder, cross checks opposing team, stopping their momentum.