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Photos from Google Images

Photos from Google Images

Kailene Nye, Editor-in-Chief

Helipads, field domes, triple rooms and relationship registering – oh my!

You’re probably wondering what’s up with all the crazy stories recently published. They are all part of The Highlander’s Hamiltonian issue, the April Fool’s edition of the paper. All the stories are fake and completely made up, so don’t worry incoming freshmen, you won’t be forced into a triple room and you won’t have to register your relationship status with anyone.

The Highlander staff has been publishing an April Fool’s edition of the paper for years and years, but it wasn’t always called The Hamiltonian. After taking over as adviser of the paper, Dr. Melissa Sgroi, chair of the mass communications and design department, wanted to do away with this silly issue to focus on actual news.

However, Dr. Patrick Hamilton, professor of English, wanted it to stay. Sgroi agreed to keep it on one condition – that the issue be named after Hamilton. Hence, the name The Hamiltonian.

Ever since then, The Hamiltonian has remained a beloved favorite of everyone who has worked for The Highlander. We hope the stories gave you a good laugh!