My Phone and Me: Ayanna Dexter

Ayanna Dexter, Reporter

Welcome to The Highlander’s web exclusive feature of “My Phone and Me”! This is a feature where students showcase their week via the pictures they take on their phones.

For the week of Sept. 9, we follow the life of junior Mass Communications and Design major, Ayanna Dexter!

My first day of class always needs a Starbucks coffee!
My inspiration for the second day of classes.
Early mornings with my son. He’s a ball of energy in the morning!
Date Night with my boyfriend and son. Dominoz!
Doing some late night reading.
Dinner made by me. Pan seared salmon steak, pan seared scallops, white rice with onions and peppers, and fresh steamed green beans.
Lunch at chick-fil-a with Demetrius