My Phone and Me: Iana Davis

Iana Davis, Reporter

Welcome to The Highlander’s web exclusive feature of “My Phone and Me”! This is a feature where students showcase their week via the pictures they take on their phones.

For the week of Sept. 10, we follow junior mass communications major Iana Davis through her life.


Leaving my afternoon class which turned out to be a dash for my car as the weather decided to rain on my parade. (9/10/2018)
Reece Winkler (middle), Anita Holmes (far right), and I stand aside while American Soldiers march the sidewalks of campus carrying the American flag in remembrance of 9/11. (9/11/2018)
My Video 1 class in action as they learn how to set up and break down an interview set. (9/12/2018)
Noni Silas (right) and I spend the night in the theater for a Misericordia special viewing of Ensemble Chaconne a performance of music from Shakespeare time. (9/13/2018)
I brought my puppy to class! (9/14/2018)