Who’s that Professor? Dr. Becky!

Dr. Becky of the English department is our third professor featured in The Highlander’s “Who’s That Professor?”.
“When I was little, as now, I loved to wear dresses. I insisted on it, I only wore jeans on gym day until I graduated high school. I loved to have matching jewelry and I liked black patent leather shoes with little lace socks when I was really little. I also loved dolls and was a big fan of Strawberry Shortcake and Friends. Blueberry Muffin was my favorite so I had a lot of blue in my room, in fact my bedroom was largely blue and I still to this day love blueberries; it’s my favorite fruit and I still watch Strawberry Shortcake on occasion and look for Blueberry Muffin, of course” said Dr. Becky.
Tune in for the next issue of The Highlander for the next “Who’s That Professor?”!