My Phone and Me: Samantha Midkiff

Samantha Midkiff, Reporter

Welcome to The Highlander’s web exclusive feature of “My Phone and Me”! This is a feature where students showcase their week via the pictures they take on their phones.

For the week of Nov. 19, we follow communications major Samantha Midkiff through her life.

Annette Ritzko’s disappointment in me for not doing this last week!
At PA Live with the cast of Pippin getting ready to perform to promote the school’s musical!
Tickets were being sold in Banks Lobby.
Campus grounds were removing trees along the path from MacDowell to Mercy?
Back at those Pippin ticket sales for Pippin with Joseph Tatano and Dominic Augustine.
Cast of Pippin went out to dinner, and after the waiter kept bringing nonstop food, Dawson Kerch went home with enough food for several days!
Last day of Pippin has come and gone, but the tickets are still around to remind everyone of the magic.