My Phone and Me: Keana Elsayed

Keana Elsayed, Reporter

Welcome to The Highlander’s web exclusive feature of “My Phone and Me”! This is a feature where students showcase their week via the pictures they take on their phones.

For the week of Nov. 12, we follow communications major Keana Elsayed through her week.

On Monday morning, while walking to class, the sky looked really pretty and that was a great start to my week.
On Tuesday, I had to meet with my client for my video class so I had to go to Wilkes Barre where I met with my client in the library owned by the Luzerne County Historical Society.
On Wednesday, I went home to watch my little sister, Kyleigh’s, district championship soccer game, which they won in overtime. Go Seals!
Thursday night, I went to a “Painting with Passion” with my roommates where we were able to paint whatever we wanted for free.
Friday, I didn’t have any classes so instead I went to the Mezz to edit my video project for class.
On Saturday, I went to the football game with my friend Stephanie and we ran into Morgan before the game.
On Sunday, Stephanie brought her puppy, Stella, up to campus and we spent the day relaxing and playing with the puppy.