My Phone and Me: Adam Myers

Adam Myers, Reporter

Welcome to The Highlander’s web exclusive feature of “My Phone and Me”! This is a feature where students showcase their week via the pictures they take on their phones.

For the week of Jan. 27, we follow the life of Adam Myers, a  sophomore communications major.

1/27/2018 Pictured is my girlfriend Hailey representing Coughlin High School for our local radio station WVIA’s Artist of the Week.
1/28/2019- Pictured is Zoe Laporte, a Senior English and Mass Communication student, putting on her weekly radio show “Cougar Conspiracies” while I sneak into the station to see what new conspiracy she has discovered.


1/29/2019- Pictured is my Bulletin Board that I made for my Townhouse residents to remind them to spread and little love to your friends, family, and most importantly, yourself.


1/30/2019- Pictured is Kinsey Robinson, a Freshman Speech Language Pathology student, and Dawson Kerch, a Junior Business Administration student, and I relaxing during a break in our choreography rehearsals for our Spring semester showing of “Jesus Christ Superstar”.


1/31/2019- This is my latest passive(small) program that I put out for my residents, in which they can glue together inspirational words on a piece of printer paper to help them stay motivated throughout the semester.


2/1/2019-Pictured is Anna Hershey, a Junior Speech Language Pathology student, and I playing Mario Kart Wii with beer goggles on to simulate the dangers of drunk driving.
2/2/2019- This is a my sketch of a wolf howling at the sky that I drew when I had some free time throughout the day, also with my signage that accompanies all of my sketches.