Who’s that Professor? Dr. Shepherd!

For this issue of The Highlander’s “Who’s that Professor?”, we spoke to Dr. Shepherd of the Philosophy department about her childhood memories. She said, “my first poster was a poster of Jon Bon Jovi. It was life sized, he was wearing a vest, but I don’t believe he was wearing a shirt and he had on some awesome tight pants and he stayed on my wall for years and years and he was also probably my first tape. We listened to tapes back then, I had several, but I got the tape ‘Slippery When Wet’ and another one that had ‘Bad Medicine’ on it”
Dr. Shepherd also owned a trampoline that she was able to do “All kinds of ticks” on it. She was also a gymnast as child and often played badminton with her family.​ Tune into the next issue of “Who’s that Professor?”!