No Spare Change: A Guide to a Good Time on a Dime

Felicia Glover, Columnist

I know you like to have fun. Who doesn’t? There are many things you can do, even if you are saving up for graduation.

I took the time to check out a cool deal on Refer local online.

Similar to Groupon or Living Social, Refer local features deals right here in NEPA.

Refer features dining deals, pet care coupons and even fitness-related savings.

the site local has a variety of deals for all to choose from – no matter your interest.

I searched high and low on Refer local and I found a great deal for dining and some gaming fun.

Because I am well over the age of 21, I jumped all over the dining deal.

This month, for $25 you can get a $25 dining certificate for Rustic Kitchen Bistro at Mohegan Sun Pocono and $25 in free slot play.

I was so excited, I called up my friend and we went on a girl’s night out. We headed over to Mohegan Sun Pocono and went straight to the Players Club to redeem our dinning voucher.

The staff at the casino was very helpful and friendly and the redemption process was painless. We had to put our free play on a casino card, and because I never signed up for one, I had to open an account.

But we received a sign-up bonus in addition to our voucher redemption.

After getting our food coupon, we headed over to Rustic Kitchen. The restaurant offers a hybrid of fine dining with a hip atmosphere.

We sat down and immediately asked our server what she suggested from the menu.

Our goal was to only use the $25 certificate, so we wanted to get the best bang for our buck.

We shared an appetizer of fried risotto balls. The dish was different and very yummy.

This left us with $15 for dinner. To be conscious of our spending, we decided to share our entrees.

I ordered the mac and cheese. How can something so simple taste like heaven? Mmmm let me tell you! It was loaded with mushrooms, peas and fresh garlic, so simple but yet so filling.

My friend ordered the strawberry salad, again a simple dish full of fresh fruit, candied pecans and some fresh gorgonzola cheese. We enjoyed it!

The mac and cheese was $17 and her salad was $12, but they were both totally worth it!

Our check total with tax was $39.41.

But we received another 10% discount because my friend works at the Casino, and with the $25 dinning certificate, our total was $12.

We split the $12 and gave the server a generous tip.

Now, we still had the $25 free play and sign-on bonus to end the night.

We wandered over to the penny machines and acted as if we knew what was happening on the slot.

Every time the lights went, off we screamed and got excited. Little did we know we were just warming the machine up.

After at least two hours of sitting and getting help from the casino regulars, we got a scoop of ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s, then headed home.

This deal was fun and affordable. After we split all the costs down the middle, we realized that this girl’s night out was worth the cash. We calculated the total – and for $18.50 we all ate and got some free slot play. What a deal!

If you are looking for savings on your fun, Refer local is the source for a good time, particularly at local attractions.

Now I know all of us students are not over 21 yet, but this is no big deal. There are still plenty of things to do within the community.

Dining deals may be the choice of many students, but Student Activities keeps the campus informed of what is happening.

Although I have not attended any underage or family events yet, I plan to attend the Roba Family Farm and share that experience with you next time. On Fridays, Roba’s has college discount night and I definitely want to check that out!

In the meantime, if you are not of age I suggest the campus resources found at Where’s the Fun (W.T.F).

The amazing staff in Student Activities always has events to attend.

As we return from fall break on Oct. 20, there will be Karaoke fun in the Banks Student Life Center. How can that be bad?

Also, on Oct. 21 there will be a Feud Game Show, followed by a performance by Dave Patton on Oct. 22.  So grab your roommates and head over for some fun on campus as well.