Multi-Talented Faculty Member Joins Mass Com and Design


Anthony DelRegno, the newest addition to the department of Mass Communications and Design, brings many years of experience as a television promotions producer and filmmaker.

Iana Davis, Reporter

A former accountant with an MBA and experience working for major corporations is teaching video production in the Department of Mass Communications and Design, which demonstrates that learning is a lifelong process.

Anthony DelRegno also brings many years of solid experience as a television promotions producer and filmmaker.

DelRegno has  both a  Master of Arts in Communication Arts and a Master of Business Administration. The former accountant also holds an underground degree in accounting with minors in both finance and business administration.

“My first ten years were spent as an accountant. I worked for US Food Service, Fleet Financial, and Jefferson Health Care System,” he said.

In 2000 he began he filmmaking career and left accounting to become  become a commercial and promotions producer at Nexstar Broadcasting, which is pursuing a deal to become the largest local television broadcasting company in the U.S.

“My areas of interest include hands-on broadcast television technology, advertising, independent film production, film narrative, editing theory and screenwriting,” DelRegno said.

DelRegno also has experience in studio production, lighting, audio and field production.

DelRegno worked with WBRE TV, the region’s NBC affiliate, and during that time he gave many studio tours to Misericordia summer media campers.

In addition, he conducted research that examined the lack of film directing theory in higher education.

DelRegno’s goal is to guide and mentor students to  “develop into better visual artists.”

DelRegno has been an active member of the Community Film Project, which promotes films in Northeastern Pa. He served as both board member and treasurer.

He produced more than 30 short films during his active time with the organization from 2003 to 2010. His most notable films include “Who’s Famous Now,” “Cubes,” “Heynabonics,” “First Semester,” “Star World,” and “Laugh Zombie Riot.”

DelRegno said he looks forward to helping students to learn, create and achieve.

“The students are great, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with them so, they can go out into the world and accomplish their dreams”.