Men’s Volleyball Team Shows Its Pride

MU men’s volleyball team wears pride shirts.

Brenna Smith, Reporter

The Misericordia men’s volleyball team hosted a Pride Night in the Anderson Center March 15 when the team played Arcadia University. 

A stand manned by Campus Life offered popcorn and Cougar merchandise. A stand was presented by the GSA for NEPA’s Rainbow Alliance bake sale. Music was played, colorful ‘Cougar pack’ t-shirts were tossed into the crowd and team members wore pride shirts, as well.

“Pride Night,” as well as other themed games, has become a staple for Misericordia athletics, as both volleyball teams have hosted one throughout their season, allowing MU students to raise awareness for a certain cause.

Earlier in the semester, a basketball game for MLK week was held, raising awareness for the then-upcoming Black History Month. 

Keep an eye out for other themed games on campus as they can be a way to show Cougar pride as well as support a cause.