eSports Makes Playoffs

Bethany Jopling, Reporter

Misericordia’s eSports team won enough games to advance to the playoffs.

eSports is the 26th  varsity sport at Misericordia and includes games like League of Legends, Rocket League and Hearthstone.  The feedback to the addition of the newest sport has been positive with the student body, especially since the team has done so well this year.

Greg Lewis, director of eSports, said making it to the playoffs has not been an easy journey.

“We had to get enough wins to qualify and get a good seat in the playoffs,” he said. “We had the seventh seed going in but knew we had to improve vastly from the beginning of the season so we could compete and give the better teams a run. We played the  national runner-up in the second round, which was very tough and had them on the ropes many times.”

The eSports team played against a variety of schools like George Mason University, Boise State University and the University of Missouri.  It has also played against Lebanon Valley College and Penn College, more traditional opponents.

Lewis gave all the credit for the accomplishment to the members.

“All eight Rocket League members were responsible for the team glory. Without guys at practice, we could not have gotten good enough to compete in every game,” he said.

Making the playoffs has not only been a great victory for the team; it has also expanded the recruiting pool for potential student athletes considering joining eSports. Lewis said it shows eSports is not easier than other sports just because it is electronic.

“I think it has also made a huge impression on current students to show them this is a serious endeavor that we are undergoing and not just anyone can play,” he said.

Isaac Glidewell, sophomore mass communications and design major, is a member of the eSports team.  Glidewell was always curious about the team and joined through a friend who had been encouraging him to join since last year.

“I feel that it is a great addition for the university,” Glidewell said.  “It shows even though this university has old roots, it can branch out into newer ideas and competitions.”

According to Glidewell, the team works very well together and the diversity of the team is what makes it better.

“I feel the teamwork and diversity of players in all eSports show that our competition is strong and that we are definitely very good at what we play,” he said.

Glidewell is a member of the Rocket League team but said everyone on each of the teams really seems to enjoy the games they are playing. He looks forward to returning to the team next season.

“I plan on being a member next year. I want to be able to be more competitive to be able to help my team succeed,” said Glidewell.

Misericordia went 5-5 in the regular season and won a playoff game before losing to the national runner up in round 32.