Tennis Team is Smashing Preseason

Sierra Crane, Reporter

The women’s tennis team is loving the preseason after a special game experience  at the United States Tennis Association  National Tennis Center in Flushing, New York

Jack Monick, head tennis coach, says it was a privilege to take the women there to play.

“It’s a really great opportunity,” he said.

The team toured the National Tennis Center, where professionals such as Simona Halep and Rafael Nadal played just weeks before.

The team beat Berkeley College  9-0 at a match there, and players also got the chance to get promotional pictures taken on the field.

For Kayla Rembish, sophomore diagnostic medical sonography major, and Nicole Pangiochi, year occupational therapy major, it was just another pre-season game to help them get ready for regular season.

“We actually played a team we’ve never played before. They were a club, so it was more teaching them how to play,” said Rembish. “We did not actually aggressively play, but it was still a cool experience because you’re on the USTA courts and the girls were very friendly, so it was very fun.”

It was not only a teaching moment for some of the women, but it was a learning moment as well.

“I played with a girl on our team that was a beginner, so it was like a new experience to me, teaching other people to play because I’ve never done that before,” said Pangiochi.

This, however, is not the first year the women have been to the USTA. The team visited last year, and coach Monick plans to take the players there every other year.

The opportunity is credited to Monick’s  friends in the United States Tennis Association.

Monick is also good friends with the Athletic Director at Berkeley College, and so he was able to arrange the match.

The women have been hard at work on campus as well.

The team practices every Monday through Friday from 3 p.m. until 6 p.m. Sessions started on the first day of classes and continue as players prepare for their regular season games.

Monick said his goal is to beat Wilkes University during the regular season.

“Thats a big goal because the way Wilkes is, they’re incredible. They just have more background knowledge on it,” Rembish said. “I personally don’t know if I could beat a Wilkes person, but at least try and get my score higher so that it’s a closer game.”

The Wilkes women’s tennis team are 12 time MAC champions.

Monick added that another goals is to win as many matches as possible.

Pangiochi wants to focus on playing together as a team and practice on doubles more.

Rembish agrees and wants the team to bond.

“The fact that this year we all hang out together, we changed the attitude of the team. It’s been a lot more fun,” says Rembish.

Rembish and Pangiochi have been playing tennis for five years and they look to continue to improve their skills.

Rembish wants to stay calm and collected during play and try not to let her anger control her.

“I want to try to remain more calm and to not get in my head as much, take each play at a time, and by that hopefully I would win more which could help the team win more.”

Pangiochi, on the other hand, is still getting used to college play.

“Probably working on doubles more. To work as a team. I’m not very good at that. It’s a new thing I haven’t played in high school,” says Pangiochi.

Monick encourages everyone, including men, to join the tennis team even though practices have started.

The team has a no cut policy, so anyone hoping to play will play.

Monick says that they are looking for men that are interested in playing. Due to lack of interest, the MU men’s tennis team was cut last year but they are always looking to start it back up again.

For more information about playing on the tennis team, email coach Monick at [email protected].