Donald Stacknick is New Assistant Athletics Director

Donald Stacknick is New Assistant Athletics Director

Michael Diakunczak, Reporter

The university is welcoming Donald Stacknick, Laplume Township, as Assistant Athletics Director.

Donald  Stacknick, from LaPlume Township, comes after serving five years as Director of Athletics and Assistant Director of Student Engagement at Johnson College. At Johnson, Stacknick had miltiple responsibilities,  such as player eligibility, scheduling, equipment, travel, and game day operations. The graduate  of Keystone College also served on multiple committees in Region 19 of the National Junior College Association.

Stacknick said that teaming up with Director of Athletics, Chuck Edkins, is as much of an honor as receiving the position.

“I am excited and honored to be named the new Assistant Director of Athletics at MU. Teaming up and getting the opportunity to learn from Coach Edkins is a great honor. I feel that I have the perfect mentor in Coach Edkins with 27 years of experience here at MU, and I am excited to work with coach, the athletic staff and the university as a whole,” Stacknick said.

Edkins believes Stacknick has the experience to bring positive change to athletics.

“The ability to work together with someone who has an external perspective of MU can bring new and fresh ideas to the department.  This can help move us forward,” Edkins said.

Stacknick has plans to continue the university’s athletic success while he enhances the student-athlete experience by becoming more involved with Student Life. In addition, Stacknick looks to expand his work as an event manager and supervisor of equipment managers.

Stacknick said  student-athletes are people first, and he plans to draw upon their values  to fully realize the student-athlete experience.

“I believe Misericordia’s values of  Mercy, Service, Justice and Hospitality give student-athletes the tools necessary to achieve this. I want student-athletes be successful in the classroom, on the field, and in their community,” said Stacknick.

Edkins believes Stacknick’s expectations match those of the department.

“Our student-athletes live the mission.  They excel as people, students and athletes and are uncompromising in how they go about their business.  Not only are they highly successful within their respective sports but take great pride in the way in which they conduct themselves. MU student-athletes provide an intense and positive energy that is great to be around,” said Edkins.

Stacknick and Edkins have plans to increase the visibility of athletics with a new partnership with the brand  Under Armour. Additionally, they plan upgrade the audio and video streaming capabilities at athletic contests with help of the communications department.

With 25 varsity spot offering and 600 student athletes on campus, Edkins feels his assistant athletic director will help shoulder the load.

“It is exciting to have an Assistant Director of Athletics. In order to best serve the department, this position is necessary for continued success,” Edkins adds.

Edkins, who has spent 27 years at the university as a coach and more recently Director of Athletics, is a role model for Stacknick.

“The foundation and success that Coach Edkins and the athletics staff have laid at MU makes it a great place to work and has created a drive to be a part of that success,” Stacknick said. “Coach’s experience and passion for his craft motivates me to be my very best, which in return creates a successful environment for the student-athletes and the athletic program.”