Juwan Petties-Jackson

Juwan Petties-Jackson

Juwan Petties-Jackson

Sport: Track and Field

Major: Psychology

Year: Senior

Hometown: Somerville, NJ

When and Why Did You Start Track?: I started track in the sixth grade because in my to bfe the best athletes run track just to prove how athletic they were based on the rest of the town. You ran track to prove you were the best athlete in Somerville.

What Is You Best Event?: 200 meter dash

Who Is Your Role Model?: I think it would be cliche for me to say my role model is only my mother or my father. Everyone in my life whether it be family or friends that impacted by life positively because they all carry unique qualities in themselves that I find to be influential, and love them all.

Pre-meet Ritual: I have to eat four boxes of lemon-heads, which are my favorite candy, and watch an episode of Flash before I race.

Things I Enjoy the Most About Track: I enjoy the chemistry and comradery of the team. I love the fact that everyone on the team is so kind and have welcomed me with open arms even though I haven’t been a part of the team for four years. The team is close and I enjoy the atmosphere I get everyday I spend with them.

Personal Goals: I want to win a conference championship for the men’s track team. Nothing I do is individualized and no matter how many accomplishments I get for myself, it will not be as good if we don’t win a championship.

Favorite Memory: Getting left in the hotel at our Bucknell meet, then breaking my record in the 200 meter dash that same day.

Fun Fact: I refuse to eat chicken with the bone in it. If it is not boneless chicken, I will peel the chicken off the bone and throw the rest in the garbage. I would also like a track girlfriend. That would be nice.