Softball Welcomes New Coach


New softball coach Lindsay Freitag poses for a photo on the Anderson softball field.

Melanie Quintanilla, Multimedia Editor

The softball team is welcoming new head coach Lindsay Freitag.

Freitag spent last season as the head coach at Pitt-Greensburg where she led the Bobcats to an Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference playoff berth. She previously coached at Towson State, Bucknell, and Frostburg State.

​“We are excited to have Coach Freitag assume the role of Head Softball Coach and Coordinator of Athletic Operations,” said Chuck Edkins, Director of Athletics. “Coach brings a great deal of experience as a successful player, assistant coach, and head coach.”

Freitag is grateful to undertake this new role. “It is a honor and privilege to be here at Misericordia. Just from my interview, I knew this was a place you can really grow and win the right way,” said Freitag. “I am very much looking forward to being a Cougar.”

Freitag brings knowledge of coaching at the college level. From 2012 to 2013, she was an assistant coach at Bucknell University working with pitchers and catchers. In the 2013 to 2014 season, she was the Director of Softball Operations for Towson University. Last season, she was the head coach at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg guiding her team back to the AMCC championships.

“She understands the role of athletics at the Division III level. Coach possesses a high energy level and passion for student athletes and the sport of softball,” said Edkins. “Coach Freitag has a complete understanding of how athletics compliments the overall university experience. She understands that she is coaching a person, student and athlete. Coach understands the mission of Misericordia.”

Softball Graduate Assistant Lindsey Couturier said Freitag’s experience “speaks for itself” and her passion and drive for coaching stands out. “She never misses out on a weekend of recruiting, and she is always looking for ways to better herself as a coach. There is no doubt in my mind that coach Freitag is the perfect fit to lead this program.”

​   Freitag said she plans to continue to help her players grow on the field, in the classroom, and in life. Her number one goal, however, is to win the MAC Freedom Conference.

“We’re going to play hard, fast, and compete in every out of every inning of each game to get us there. We should be number one in the MAC Freedom Conference, year in, and year out. I want recruits to think that coming to Misericordia means winning the Freedom every year,” said Freitag.

​Edkins expects that Freitag will educate her student athletes on what the role of softball is at the university level.

“She will be uncompromising in what MU stands for and will recruit quality student athletes to the university. We also expect her to enhance an already successful program,” said Edkins.

​Freitag is bringing in new ideas for the softball program in hopes of taking the team to the next step. “Her experience, knowledge, and passion for this sport and already for this program, leads me to strongly believe that we are going to pick up exactly where we left off. Coach is bringing some exciting new ideas, drills, and strategies to our program that are hopefully going to take us to the next level. Coach has set a goal for our team and for herself to become the MAC Freedom Conference Champions in 2016 and I firmly believe that is attainable,” said Couturier.

She also plans to implement a new strengthening and conditioning program.

“Coach is actually studying to obtain certification in the areas of strength and conditioning, which is something I see our players greatly benefiting from. She believes in getting our athletes stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally.”

Change may not always mean a good thing, but Couturier sees “nothing but positive change coming” their way. She is also looking forward to learning Freitag’s style of coaching. “What’s cool about coaching is that no two coaches are identical, and everyone brings something different to the table. I am lucky as an assistant, and our players are lucky as athletes to be able to learn from two different head coaches in our time here at Misericordia.”

​Freitag is  open minded and respectful to the traditions that the team has upheld in past. This will make it easier for the team to adjust to having a new head coach.

“Although Coach Freitag has brought her own rules and expectations, her openness and willingness to continue these traditions should make it easier on the team to confide in and trust her within no time,” said Couturier.

Couturier thinks the best way to adapt to a new head coach is to keep an open mind. “In my opinion, change can be a great thing. In a situation like ours where our program has been successful for a while, but hasn’t yet gotten to the level where we want to be, change could possibly be the missing puzzle piece. I believe there is a strong possibility that what Coach Freitag possesses as a coach, as well as what she is bringing to this softball program, could lead Misericordia softball to becoming a regional contender year in and year out.”

Freitag thinks that her team is a “hungry group,” so the adjustment should not slow them down. “I expect them to continue to move forward and push Misericordia forward embracing everything we throw at them. My priority right now is to get this culture so that it brings out the very best in each one of them, and I think they know that.”

Freitag said teaching and building relationships is the “best part of the job.”

“This is the most influential time in their lives, and I get to be a part of that,” said Freitag.