Highlander Staff, Reporter

The football team finished off the season Nov. 15 against Stevenson University in a thrilling and well fought finish, although the Cougars finished with a 36-14 loss.

The Cougars went into the game having lost the previous six games and carrying a 1-8 record for the season. They toppled FDU 35-0 at season’s start and were armed with the first home win in university history.

Seniors safety Tyler Hessert and offensive lineman Travis Tobin are the only players who will not return next season, but there are have plenty of younger players who are eager to take their place.

Sophomore linebacker Rob Hart was not ready for the season to end, but he wanted the team to go out strong.

“We wanted to come out firing on all cylinders and play disciplined, assignment football. We have been working so hard each week. As a team no matter what the situation we always fight and leave it all out on the field,” said Hart.

He said everyone played their best. “If I could look back and describe the season in one word it would be dedicated. Dedicated because week in and week out everyone works their tail off and you know that you can trust your teammates to be at your side at the end of the day.”

Junior tight end Tom Stelzer said there are many strengths for the Cougars to build upon for next season

“The season this year had its ups and downs, but it’s the ups we have to focus on going into next year. We did a lot of positive things this year that we need to continue to build on to be a great program. Last year going into the last game of the season, outsiders would think we stood no chance not winning a game all season. Instead we focused on all of our positives throughout the year and played a great game getting the first win in school history,” said Stelzer. “That win sent us into the off-season on such a positive note that we used it as momentum to have a great off-season.

The team has come a long way in its third season, having put many points  on the board and recording  some close games. Stelzer said next season will be an inspiring one.

“Great things are in store for our football program and we can feel it. We are all eager to begin working out to come back bigger faster and stronger for next year,” he said.