Striving for a season of success

Felicia Glover, Reporter

Basketball season is starting and the women’s team is prepared to conquer.

Coach Allison Kern  feels the team has a strong and positive culture. “Our team’s commitment to our identity and the development of our culture makes me proud. It’s been very evident in our fall recruiting and it takes a lot of work to be consistent.”

“We’re just looking to really integrate some of our young players and get better every day,” says Kern.

With nine wins last year, the team is eager to get this season started. “Players are always excited for a new season and the opportunity to build something new.” said Kern.

Jaclyn Hajec, freshman medical imaging major,  said the team has one goal in mind.

“Overall our goal is to win the MAC championship, but that means giving our all every practice and every game.”

Shannon Croasdale, sophomore Speech language pathology major, said that perseverance will help the team reach the playoffs.  “Our team’s goals every day include getting better and making practice worthwhile. Every time we hit the gym is an opportunity for us to get better not only as a team, but as individuals.”

The Middle Atlantic Conference (MAC)  consist of 17 teams and the Cougars are one of the teams playing in the freedom conference of the MAC

Amanda Greene,  senior sports management major, is hopeful that her final year will be the best. “We have a lot of talent coming in and this year should be the year we put it all together.”

The ladies  have a close bond and the excitement of the new season helps push them to a winning mindset. “I am extremely excited about this season. We have great potential as a team and I can’t wait to see where that takes us.” said Croasdale.

Croasdale said she feels like part of a big family.  “It is something that is very special and carries over into great camaraderie on the court. There is nothing better than having your team as a second family.  As a team, we are very excited to get the season rolling and start playing games to see where we stand amongst some great competition.”

Croasdale said the players’  relationships are deeper than they might appear.

“Our team isn’t just a team on the court. Outside of the gym, we always have each other’s backs, through the good times and the bad times,” said Croasdale.

This peer support plays a role in the success they hope to achieve.  “The team makes me proud every time we step on the court and go into the weight room because we push each other and never let each other fail,” says Hejac. “Some days are not easy but we get through them together as a team.”

“Collectively we work hard on the court, and we also work hard in the classroom. We are always there to pick each other up,” said Greene.

Kristen Schmale, freshman physicians assistant major, said she listens to music to help prepare on game day.

“Hard work at practice making sure we study the film, looking over my playbook and pulling on my team for help when I need it helps me prepare and get ready for the season also listening to music on our way to games helps me too.”

The team’s first game is home on Nov.15 against Scranton University.