New Intramural System Makes Sign-Ups Easier

Donya Forst, Print Editor

Organizers of a new, free intramural registration program called IMLeagues are hoping new athletes will sign on.

IMLeagues is a free system designed to make registration much easier than the old paper-based signup system that required students to email copies of their roster to the Director of Intramurals and Women’s Head Soccer Coach, Mark Stauffer. This required students to first recruit enough players to fill their own teams, compile a list, and provide the list to Stauffer. One slip in communication could mean failure to get the ball rolling and the team playing.

With the new IMLeagues system, Stauffer hopes to minimize the mess and keep everything organized.

Students can now easily register online and instantaneously view their schedules, team announcements and other information about intramural activities and events.

“It will give us a direct line of communication with all students for announcement and schedules. It will provide one general site for all to view and get the latest IM happenings,” said Stauffer.

Julia Leighow, Graduate Resident Director of MacDowell Hall, encourages students to use the new system.

“This is a huge pro because students no longer have to worry about running around trying to keep track of their teams and schedules. The program will hopefully allow us to better control, organize, and present the intramural activities to our students, too,” said Leighow.

Another perk of the system is that IMLeagues is partnered with REC*IT,  an app that students can download on their iPhones or Androids. This allows students to access their teams, schedules and more from practically anywhere.

“The REC*IT app allows for this to happen. Plus, it enables us to better and more easily record statistics, schedules, participation, and all other necessary parts of the sports we offer. It’s super simple for students to register and sign up for teams for intramurals and it puts the control in the individuals’ hands because they have the right to make their teams, name their teams, manage their teams,” said Leighow.

REC*IT  also allows students to chat with their teammates, post to the team wall, share events with friends, add events to the student’s phone’s calendar and view other team’s results.

Leighgow sais another benefit is students who are not on a team can sign up as a free agent through IMLeagues. This allows the student to be matched with a team in need of a player.

Leighow hopes this will encourage all students to feel more comfortable participating.

In addition to the new system, Stauffer plans to offer the Intramural Man and Woman of the Year award. Throughout the intramural season, students can earn points by scoring a certain number of game points, participating in multiple activities, and demonstrating leadership and teamwork. At the end of the season or year, the student with the highest number of points will be awarded with Intramural Man or Woman of the Year.

“We’re hoping this will entice students to participate in the programs as well.  I think that’s our biggest goal – to encourage healthy habits, teamwork, responsibility, good sportsmanship, and fun through all that we will offer with the intramural program,” said Leighow.

Registration is available at

Stauffer encourages students to use their school email addresses when registering. Once registration is complete, students will receive a confirmation email.

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