Students Master Sports

Nathan Brown, Reporter

Sports Management will be offered as a masters program in 2013.

The Sports Management major is one of the largest majors on campus so it makes sense to add a master’s option, according to Dr. David Gargone, the chair of the Sport Management major.

Sports Management is a part of the business department and there was no option to obtain a master’s degree in this field.

“I think it’s also something that works well as we expanded our athletic department and have more graduate assistant positions available,” Gargone said.

Misericordia is one of 22 universities in the PA that offers Sports Management as a major, and a few offer it as a minor.

“I think it brings great opportunity to not only those who pursuit the master’s degree, but the university as whole,” said Ian Silkworth,  first year sport management major.

The addition of the program brings a lot of opportunity to those who pursue the degree.

Gargone said that those looking to become an athletic director or a professor are going to need this master’s degree to obtain these jobs.

Gargone added that the program provides students who obtain the degree to have an edge over others who are applying for the same jobs, particularly as the job market becomes more competitive.

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