Lady Cougars Face Tough Loss to Lady Monarchs

Arthur Dowell, Web Master

After a remarkable run through the NCAA Tournament, this season isn’t what the women’s basketball team was expecting.

The Cougars look to change their game play with eight Mid Atlantic Conference games left.

“The team comes out quick and gets into an early roll,” said senior Guard Tyann McDaniel. “But the second half is a different story for us, and it shows.”

After their 17-11 record last year and going 10-4 in the MAC, this years team faces a new story. With a mediocre 8-7 record and a 3-3 record against MAC competition, the women’s team hopes to make adjustments and run for the MAC title.

The team went 2-4 in their six games during winter break, but both of their wins were close and the biggest difference was four points.

McDaniel said changes have to happen quickly if the players have a hope of saving the season.

“We have to emphasize on coming out fast and being able to capitalize on that. We don’t want to start setting a trend of having the lead going into half and then giving it up and walking away with losses.”

Not everything went badly for the Cougars over winter break, as McDaniel joined an elite club scoring 1,000 career points in a Cougars uniform.

With classes starting and students returning, players hope they can get momentum from the student section.

“We have to come out with more energy and use it during the games,” said McDaniel.

The Cougars have eight more MAC games left on their schedule.

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