Cougars Bitten by Bullets

Dominick Dellos, Staff Writer

The Cougars left the field with their tails between their legs after their 70-0 loss to the Gettysburg Bullets.

The game did not lead to victory, but the fact that Misericordia has put the Blue and Gold on the gridiron is something to celebrate win or lose, according to Dave Martin, Director of Athletics.

“No matter what the score is, the second the ball is kicked off we consider ourselves winners,” Martin said prior to the contest. “History is being made, and it’s time to enjoy it.”

History was indeed made, and on that opening kickoff Gettysburg delivered a crushing blow by way of an 89-yard return for a touchdown. Following a 2-point conversion, the Cougars found themselves down 8-0 merely fifteen seconds into the contest.

Gettysburg continued the onslaught, setting a school and Centennial Conference record in rushing yards with 546.

According to MU quarterback Jeff Puckett, there are positive things to take away from the contest heading into their next game at Lebanon Valley.

“Nobody likes to lose, especially the way we did,” Puckett said. “But it was fun to be a part of history because not many people can say that.”

The team, which has a roster of primarily freshmen, struggled to hold its own against the senior laden Bullets. According to first year Puckett, the lack of experience was a reason for the lop-sided margin.

“They were bigger guys with more experience, but we’re going to keep working hard,” he said. “We learned from it, and we’re going to continue to get in the film room and pick out things to improve on.”

The dedication to get better and keep improving comes from the coaching staff, according to Puckett, who says the pieces for greatness are in place, but it will take time.

“To this point our coaches have provided the team with everything we’ve needed,” Puckett said. “We have a great coaching staff that knows their stuff, and the trust is there in the players.”

Puckett played with considerable poise on his way to throwing for 113 yards completing 13 of 21 attempts, and freshmen Paul Brace was a bright spot for the Cougars with 52 receiving yards.

“We really do have great team chemistry and we’re always building it,” Puckett said. “Everyone eats together and hangs out together, it’s a group of great guys.”

Puckett will continue to lead the Cougars as they look to improve and learn from game one.

“There is a lot of hype around this program and we really appreciate it from everyone, and we hope it keeps coming,” Puckett said. “Stick around. There are better things to come.”