Student Entertainment Service to Continue


The Mary Kintz Bevevino Library which houses Misericordia’s IT Student HelpDesk

John Kaplanski, Reporter

Misericordia is renewing its Xfinity streaming contract after students responded to a recent survey.

The Xfinity streaming service gives residents access to the Xfinity app through media streaming devices like Roku or Firestick.

Members of the I.T. Department surveyed resident students to determine whether the university should renew its Xfinity streaming service. The survey allowed I.T. members to see if the service is still being used or if the money should be reallocated.

The survey was run as the previous four-year contract was coming to an end, gauging student usage as internet streaming services have become more popular.

The IT Department negotiated the contract with Xfinity and was interested in determining whether renewing it would be worth the cost.

“We’re trying to make the best use out of the dollars residents pay for resident space,” said Networking and Telecommunications Manager Mark Reboli.

The survey showed students do enjoy the service, which has led university officials to renew the contract. 

“Based on those results, there is still usage and the students still want it, “Reboli said. “With that being the case, we are looking at extending the contract and maintaining the service for the students.” 

There was low student feedback overall, but a majority of the responses favored keeping the service.

 “We know based on the survey data that there are a good number of students using it,” said Director of Residence Life Angelo Nudo.

The service is set up with the student’s Misericordia login, offered only to residents as part of their housing. 

“If you are a resident student, it is all tied into myMU,” said Nudo.

Cable services have declined as more online streaming services become available, usually offering exclusive shows. Despite this, many students still enjoy what Xfinity offers.

The service is convenient for watching sports, something cable services have more coverage on than their counterparts like Netflix or Hulu, students said.

Sophomore Government, Law, and National Security major Jon Bomensatt uses the service often.

“Since it’s already provided to residents, I use it for football as well as movies when I’m bored,” said Bomensatt.

Officials say they do not hear much about the service, usually only when there’s a problem. 

“A lot of times, students only contact us when there are issues,” said Nudo. “It’s one of those things. I have to assume if they’re not contacting us with any concerns, then the service is working.” 

The service is advertised by Xfinity during welcome week. Information can also be found on the myMU portal.

“The service is displayed on the student life tab,” Nudo added. “And during welcome week, Xfinity actually sends a group to campus to set up a table where they advertise the service and will do giveaways and talk with the students.” 

Xfinity also offers add-ons to the service, which are also advertised during welcome week. Reboli said, if the service was not renewed, the saved funds would be put towards alternatives like network upgrades.

Student feedback was low with only 77 students responding to the survey but the responses received favored keeping the service. The IT Department does not actively keep information on the service’s usage.