Honor Students Take Trip to Philadelphia to See ‘Les Miserables’

Philadelphia skyline shot from the bus ride home

Brenna Smith, Reporter

Misericordia honor students, accompanied by Professor Brian Carso, head of the honor program, Professor Ryan Weber and Professor Joseph Curran, made the trek to Philadelphia’s Academy of Music on Nov. 13 to see “Les Miserables.”

The longest-running musical of the West End, “Les Miserables” been performed for more than three decades in 44 countries and 22 languages. It is the story of prisoner Jean Valjean who breaks parole during the time of the French Revolution.

When asked to share her favorite part of the show, first-year Medical Imaging major Nadja Hartmann said, “End of the first act because of how it combines all of the songs.”

Hartmann also described her rating of the show.

“I would give it an eight out of 10,” she said.

“It was really, really good,” said first-year Psychology major Erynn Barancho. “It was the first time I have been to a Playbill show. It was very action-packed. It was a good experience.”

The honor students also had the opportunity to eat at the Reading Terminal Market which offers a wide assortment of indoor food stands.

“It is kind of like my hometown food court but like 100 times,” Barancho said when asked to describe the market. “There were a ton of options. I got a cheesesteak from Carmen’s, and it was easily the best one I have ever had. It was cool seeing a bunch of different people together, and there was something there for everyone. There were lower-cost options and higher-cost options.”