Communications Student Wins ‘Milestone’ Award


Sierra Crane, Senior Mass Communication/Design major

Jack Malone, Reporter

Senior mass communications and design student Sierra Crane won an Award of Distinction in the international Communicator Awards for a brochure she made as part of the department’s Service by Design advertising and marketing group.

The Service by Design group enables students to provide advertising and graphic design products for real world clients, which are non-profit organizations in the community. Crane created her award-winning brochure design for United Cerebral Palsy of Northeast Pennsylvania.

Crane called the award a “milestone.”

“Within Service by Design, my goal has been met. I always wanted to win an award for my designs, and winning this one was very fulfilling for me. It was something I always strived towards, and to actually achieve it is a feeling of pride in my work and it really affirmed that I can do this work,” said Crane.

Crane said she enjoys her work in the group not only because of her love of graphic design but also because she can serve others along the way.

“The best part of Service by Design is that we get to work with non-profits. Working with UCP of NEPA was wonderful. I love getting to work with organizations that do a lot of good for the community and others,” she said.

For Crane and other group members, including president Adam Myers, the work is a chance to build portfolios, which are crucial for landing jobs after graduation.

“It really means a lot more than you think it would,” said Myers. “You think it would just be about making graphic arts and graphic designs just because it is a fun thing to do. But really it means so much more. It’s about building your portfolios for your marketing profiles. It is about learning all the Adobe programs, which are industry standard. It is also about providing for your community. The clubs here are required to do a service project, but our club Service by Design is all service.”

Myers’ experience as the group president has given him the opportunity to know clients on a personal level.

“You really get to meet people who are in the same field as you and who are just as passionate about design as you are. And obviously being president, you’re the one that they facilitate through. It is just nice to go back and forth and spread the good news and spread some service through the area,” he said.

Crane said her experience shaped her future career goals.

“My favorite thing to do is create things, and I hope that I can get a job in an area that I can create things for people and have my work on display for others to see. That’s exactly what we do at Service by Design. We make things for people and they get put on display. To win an award that acknowledges this is really amazing,” Crane said.

Both Myers and Crane encourage other students to participate.

“Working with real life clients is so important, especially in the communications field. I would encourage people, not just communications majors, but all people to join the club and learn about graphic design,” said Crane.

Myers agreed, saying Service by Design is always open to new members from all majors. No experience is needed, he said.

“It is meant for anybody who is any major, anyone who is in any program, anyone who is passionate about service and passionate about design. You also don’t need any experience coming in here. There are so many people who have learned about graphic design just through this club,” he said.

Service by Design meets every Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Media Lab in Walsh mezzanine 15. Interested students should email Myers at [email protected]